Oysters / 蚵仔


[Toyosu] Ajidokoro Ichimura (味処いちむら)

I visited Ajidokoro Ichimura (味処いちむら) in Toyosu area at lunchtime. Because of redevelopment, Toyosu have much tall buil...

Closed – [Kanda] Oysters at Tonkatsu Mampei (とんかつ万平)

Speaking of winter tastes, oysters occur to me at first. Well, I eat oysters all year around though. I'm looking forwar...

Kaki Yamato (牡蠣やまと) in Osaka Abeno

I wanted to eat okonomiyaki having plenty of oysters in Osaka and I searched for it on the internet and I found an izak...

Lunch at Fujimura (ふじむら) in Tsukiji

Tsukiji isn't only for tourists. There're many izakaya and standard Japanese foods restaurants that is used by local pe...
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