Nihonbashi / 日本橋


[Tokyo] Zeitakudon at Tsujihan Nihonbashi (日本橋海鮮丼 つじ半 日本橋本店)

Tsujihan's gorgeous sashimi bowl is great. It's like a mountain of sashimi. At first, we eat it as it is, and then we pour soup stock into the bowl and eat as chazuke. They offer double delicious.

Nihonbashi : Deep fried oysters all year around at Akkeshi of Hokkaido Honten (北海道厚岸 日本橋本店)

Notice : They quit their business during lunch hour. Please confirm their current business hour at the bottom of this ar...

(Closed) Nihonbashi : French dinner with friends at Merveille

Notice : This restaurant has already quit their busines (12nd, October, 2015) Wonderful French cuisine party only...

Nihonbashi : Well, it differs from now.

Mudungsanmgd's Yukhoejang that I ate last year. This is a picture that I had taken more 1 years ago. It differs ...

Nihonbashi : Yukhoejang at Mudungsanmgd

Yukhoejang in my memories I went to Nihonbashi after a long time, so I went to eat Yukhoejang (ユッケジャン, 950 yen) at Mud...

Nihonbashi : Historical architectures

I went to Nihonbahshi I have something to do at there. I took a little detour. Nihonbashi post office is the birthpl...
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