Kameido / 亀戸


[Tokyo] Niboshi ramen at Tsukihi (煮干中華蕎麦つきひ) in Kameido

Tsukihi (煮干中華蕎麦つきひ) in Kameido serve the best niboshi ramen for me. Their soup have abundant extract of niboshi ! Tsuki...

Yonesan (よねさん) in Kameido

When I decided to visit Kameido Tenjin shrine, I think my lunch should be at Yonesan. I heard Yonesan serve deliciou...

Kameido : Wisteria Festival 2017 in Kameido Tenjin shrine (亀戸天神社)

Gorgeous violet flowers in full bloom. The most popular Wisteria Festival in Tokyo is now held in Kameido Tenjin shrin...

Kameido : Light meal at Kameido Horumon

Fresh offal was in front of me, BUT ! We went to Kameido Horumon that is so famous as Grilled offal restaurant in Kame...

(Moved) Menkobo Takeshi (麺工房 武) in Kameido

Winter has set in. And I want eating ramen so frequently. Ah, spicy foods, too :D Today's my post is about ramen shop th...

(Closed) Kameido : Yakiniku at Kan (寛)

Notice : Kan is already quit their business. (January 11st, 2018) Beefmeat having top quality. A friend of mine...
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