Moved – [Akihabara] Curry no Trico (カレーノトリコ)

I went to Curry no Curry no Trico (カレーノトリコ) in Akihabara area. Their curry is novel, so I had wanted to visit there for...

Iwamotocho : Limited lamb curry at Kamui (スープカレーカムイ)

Within walking distance from Akihabara. I'm following Soup curry Kamui on Twitter because they sometimes post about th...

Iwamotocho : Dosanko bacon and spinach curry at Kamui (スープカレー カムイ)

Akihabara style of eating soup curry I went to Soup Curry Kamui to eat soup curry again. I posted about the sho...

Iwamotocho : Soup curry with lamb at Kamui (スープカレーカムイ)

Manga and soup curry ! There is a soup curry shop that is named Kamui near Iwamotocho subway station not so far from A...
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