Higashi-Funabashi : Sashimi, yukhoe, nanban-duke… various sardines dishes at Funakko (ふなっ子)

Sardines' high season has come ! The best season of sardines has set in, so, we went to Funakko that is a sardines spe...

Higashi-Funabashi : Sardine at Funakko after cold lemon ramen

After enjoying cold lemon ramen, we went back to our hometown, Chiba. But we didn't get off at our station. He said ...

Higashi-Funabashi : Sardines specialty izakaya, Funakko

Now is best season for sardines. Sardines caught in Chiba area have high reputation. And such a high-level sardine dis...

Higashi-Funabashi : Unajyu and real hitsumabushi at Hannari-tei (はんなり亭)

The day of eating eel in midsummer. On the day of the ox in midsummer Japanese have a custom to eat eel which started i...

Higashi-Funabashi : Sardine-centric izakaya named Funakko

Attracting building having picture of sardines. As for sardines, I remember grilled whole dried sardines above all. Sas...
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