Hamburger shop


Kinshicho : Pepper hamburger at Shake tree

Awesome hamburger shop far from some stations This green building give us delicious hamburgers. This "S" means "Super ...

(Moved) Aloha diner duke’s (アロハダイナーデュークス) in Funabashi

Eating hamburger in Hawaii ! I could take a day off, so I went to Aloha Diner Duke's have lunch at weekdays lunchtim...

Funabashi : Bacon Cheese Hamburger at Aloha Diner Duke’s (アロハダイナーデュークス)

North Shore in Funabashi. I came back from Cambodia today. My trip was so fun. I'll post about the travel later :D I...

Roppongi : Branch of AS Classics Diner (ASクラシックスダイナー)

Great Hamburger in Roppongi-Hills I have been to Roppongi-Hills after a long, long absence. There were as much people a...

Hamburger and alchohol !(Kinshicho)

I felt like eating hamburger after a long long absence, so I went to eat it. Still I can't eat thick pork like tonkatsu,...
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