Senriken (センリ軒) in Toyosu Market


Senriken was an old cafe since 1914 having long-established atmosphere in former Tsukiji Market and many regular customers gathered there.
Then they moved to Toyosu. And they became such a cozy cafe !

Senriken is located on the 3rd floor of Suisan Nakaoroshi Uriba bldg. As soon as you open the door on the side of Shijomae station, you can find on the left.
There’re tables having two or four seats. Also they have counter seats, those are used by regular customers mainly who want to talk with staffs.

Toyosu Market : Restaurants floor of Nakaoroshi Suisan building
Finally Toyosu Market was launched on October 11st. I visited 3F of Suisan Nakaoroshi Uriba bldg at first 🙂 Rest...


Drinks and dessert menu. Basically nothing has changed about their foods and drinks. But this menu is cute.

Foods menu. Sandwich, toast and creamy stew. Their creamy stew is popular. Senriken prepare many foods.

If all tables are occupied, we can get those foods to go and eat them at Toyosu Gururi park. Toyosu Gururi Park have benches.

Foods that I had

Milco soft serve

Their Milco soft serve (ミルコーソフトクリーム, 450 yen) is MUST. It’s milk coffee soft serve. Its name have “coffee”, it’s very mild and it don’t have any bitterness. I think children love it, too. We can get it to go, too (390 yen). But if we order “for here”, they put soft serve on the glass and put cone on it like this.

It have light texture and mild milk flavor.


I like their pudding (プリン, 250 yen) since former Tsukiji Market. It have much flavor of egg. The flavor of caramel sauce is awesome. Both pudding and caramel sauce isn’t too sweet. I always want to have second helping.
There’s pudding and vanilla (プリン&バニラ, 600 yen) on the menu. It’s this pudding and vanilla ice cream.

Hot coffee

Because they are cafe, their hot coffee (ホットコーヒー, 420 yen) is good, too.It have refreshing tastes. I haven’t tried, but I think putting milco soft serve into the coffee must be delicious.

Cream soda

Cream soda (クリームソーダ, 650 yen) is one of standard drink at Japanese cafe (kissaten). Of course, they have it. Though it have vanilla ice cream, bubbles covered it when I tried to pick out the spoon :p

About the cafe

Name in English / Senriken
Name in Japanese / センリ軒
Address / Suisan Nakaoroshi Uriba bldg 3F, 6-5-1 Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Phone / 03-6633-0050

Open / 4 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Closed / Market’s holidays

Reservation / Unavailable
Credit card / Unavailable
URL / Instagram

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