Taipei 2016 Spring : Doufua with peanuts at Qing Guang Tofu Pudding (晴光豆花)

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 Healthy sweets doufua without artificial additives.

After I ate late lunch, I went to Dazhi station (大直駅).

It was for viewing National Revolutionary Martyrs’ Shrine.
After I got out of Dazhi station, this red signboard attracted me.

Qing Guang Tofu Pudding

Appearance, Qing Guang Tofu Pudding, Taipei (Taipei 201605)


Signboard, Qing Guang Tofu Pudding, Taipei (Taipei 201605)


The word “Douhua”. It was hot day, so I felt like eating something cold and refreshing sweets.
Hot and cold could be chosen. Ingredients are lemon (檸檬), tapioca (粉圓), peanuts (花生), green beans (緑豆) and so on.

Menus, Qing Guang Tofu Pudding, Taipei (Taipei 201605)


Though I didn’t know about this shop at all, but I expected that this shop’s douhua must be delicious from its appearance.
Douhua is low calory food made of soymilk.
So, I think it’s the best diet sweets and there’s no problem that I eat too much. Don’t you think so ? 🙂

So, I got close to the man standing by the douhua in the pot and ordered douhua with peanuts (花生豆花, 40 HKD).
He poured the douhua into the cup to go and put into the plastic bag and handed it to me.

Peanuts douhua, Qing Guang Tofu Pudding, Taipei (Taipei 201605)

・・・って持ち帰り用に並んでしまった!Σ(゚д゚lll) しょうがないので食べながら忠烈祠へ向かいます(`・ω・´)

The place where I ordered was for “TO GO” !

I wanted to eat in the shop.

But I got it and went ahead. I ate it while walking to the shrine :p



I walked through in front of the ministry of national defense of Taiwan with tofu pudding…


This doufua didn’t have much flavor of soymilk and the peanuts soup was sweet. It’s like drink ! I think even if you don’t like doufua, it’s worth trying it.

They don’t use artificial additives.

Also doufua with lemon attracted me. I want to visit there again. Of course I want to eat in the shop 🙂

About Qing Guang Tofu Pudding (晴光豆花)

Address / 台北市中山區北安路532-1号
Station / Dazhi(大直) station
Open / 12:00 – 24:00
Closed / no scheduled


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