I challenged Matakoiya (Tsukiji)

I went to Tsukiji Outer Market last Monday to eat at Segawa.
It was about 7:30 a.m.


In preparation.

So, I gave up eating at Segawa, and I walked around Monzeki street to have breakfast anywhere.
Then I came up with the shop that I hadn’t entered by that time.

The shop stands at the start of the Monzeki street from Harumi street.

In spite of being such a convenient site, this shop is never filled to capacity even lunchtime,

Signboard, Matakoiya (Tsukiji)

I should have stopped 🙁

Menus, Matakoiya (Tsukiji)

There is a ticket-vending machine in front of the shop.

I chose a Matakoi-don (又こい丼) 1000 yen , the shop says it is the most popular
foods in this shop on menus.
Then I entered the shop, I found there were only two groups at the shop.

It is “Matakoi-Don”. Its color seemed weak, but it seemed so-so.
Matakoi-don, Matakoiya (Tsukiji)

Miso soup

Free of charge.

Matakoi-don and miso soup, Matakoiya (Tsukiji)

Then I tried to eat it.


Well, that’s not good !

Maybe this tuna was thawed, it tasted like tuna that wasn’t good dethawed.
I didn’t care about its lines.This was the same as Supermarkets’.
Adjustment of vinegared rice was good for me.But I didn’t like the rice. Dry and tasteless rice 🙁

I want to write anything good about it.But,,, oh, yes.

Miso soup was good 🙂

I managed to eat up over eating miso soup.

“Matakoi(又こい)” means “Come again !”.
Tea cup, Matakoiya (Tsukiji)
N, no, thank you….

By the way, what in the world when does Segawa open ?

Matakoiya Sou-honten (又こい家 総本店)
4-8-7 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Open – from 6:00 to 22:00
Sunda and another national holidays – from 6:00 to 21:00
Holiday – no scheduled
HP – http://www.megumi-food.com/matakoiya/
(in Japanese only)

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