Kusatsu & Kawarayu 2011 : Shirane Jinja shrine

Worship hall, Shirane Jinja shrine (Kusatsu onsen) GUNMA (Kusatsu, Kawarayu)
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White curtain attracted me

When I went to Kusatsu onsen, I found this shrine by happen.

It is not large shrine but the site was wide.

It is east gate of the shrine, but I entered from main gate.

White gate, Shirane Jinja shrine (Kusatsu onsen)


I used the gate when exit.

I heard that this there’re beautiful rhododendron within the site.
Some rhododendron was in bloom and those were beautiful, but it was far from in full bloom.

Worship hall, Shirane Jinja shrine (Kusatsu onsen)


The enshrined deity is Yamato Takerunomikoto.

About Kusatsu Shirane shrine (草津白根神社)

Address / 538 Kusatsu, Kusatsucho, Agatsuma-gun, Gunma
Bus stop / Kusatsu onsen bus terminal
Open / 24 hours
Admission fee / free of charge



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