Island Vintage Coffee in Royal Hawaiian Center

Whenever I arrive at Hawaii, I’m hungry but I don’t have appetite because I get tired of long flight.

Acai bowl is suitable food for such a situation.
Acai bowl is healthy Hawaiian food having acai pastes, cereal, and fruits in the bowl.It’s not heavy.

The most convenient shop is Island Vintage Coffee located in Royal Hawaiian Center along Kalakaua avenue at the centerof Waikiki !

They are open from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. (foods last order10 p.m)
So, I always go straight to there from the airport except midnight arrival.

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Where ?

Island Vintage Coffee is on the 3rd floor. We can get to there straight from outside with elevator along Kalakaua avenue.


I ordered and payed at the order counter and then the staff handed Number card to me.

There’re tables inside and outside balcony. And also there’re tables outside at the entrance.

Courtyard can be seen from the balcony. Because it was just before Chinese New Year, red lanterns were here and there.

There are many original items of Island Vintage Coffee. Coffee, nuts, honey and so on. I sometimes hear that their cona coffee and kau coffee have high reputation. Also they serve 100% cona coffee in the shop.

I want to make acai bowl with this mug…


Drink menu (acai, too) is at the above of the order counter.
But there’s not foods menu.

Foods menu is prepared close to the order counte. Poke, sandwich, salads and so on.

Acai bowl

Original Acai bowl is $10.85. Organic acai, banana, strawberry, blueberry, cereal, honey is in the bowl

Acai bowl have refreshing tastes. Yes, almost all ingredients are fruits. It’s suitable for exhausted body after long flight.

You might think what is acai ? Acai is super fruits native to Amazon. It is said to be nutritious.
But acai itself is tasteless. It’s not tasty. It have similar tastes of iron.
Acai pastes contains acai and banana. So, it tasted banana. Though it’s purple, it tasted banana 🙂

If your stomach don’t have enough space to fill acai bowl, they have acai smoothie ($6.95).

Poke bowl

When I felt like eating poke bowl around 9 p.m., Island Vintage Coffee occured me. So, I hurried to there.I ordered Spicy ahi ($14.95).
Both rice and tuna was much. Somehow there’s Korean laver on it. And also gari (pickled ginger) was on it, but it was toooo sweet. I couldn’t eat it.

This is marinated tuna with spicy aioli sauce. It was seasoned strongly. Delicious. Tuna was fresh. This spicy ahi was more spicy than expected.


We can choose our rice from HAKUMAI (polished rice) and GENMAi (unpolished rice) rice. The rice was cooked firmer and had springy texture.It went with spicy ahi.
I admire not only acai bowl but also they serve such a good poke bowl.

Island Vintage Coffee in Royal Hawaiian Center is good like this, so I visit there at least once during my trip.


About the cafe

Name / Island Vintage Coffee
Address / 2201 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815
Phone / 808-922-5662

Open / 6 a.m. – 11 p.m.
Closed / No scheduled
Credit card / Available
Reservation / Unavailable
URL / Website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

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