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[Haleiwa] Garlic shrimp at GIOVANNI’S


When I was in Hawaii, suddenly I felt like eating garlic shrimp. And then I went to Haleiwa all the way from Waikiki by The Bus. (After more, I went Kafuku after that…) When I got to there, there were so many Japanese. More Japanese than in Waikiki :p

Kamehameha Highway

The purpose of my visiting to Haleiwa is this shop. GIOVANNI’S. It is located in Haleiwa Food Court. They were about 6 food trucks there. And GIOVANNI’S had the most long line in front of the truck. They have started their business in 1993 and it is said to be the origin of garlic shrimp.

When I got to there, there were about only 5 people, but when I finished to order, the line became longer like this.

People waiting in line for garlic shrimps

They are located along Kamehameha highway. If you want to go there by bus from waikiki, you can get to there by No.52 bus from the bus stop (Kapiolani Bl + Piikoi St) close to Alamoana center. It takes about 2 hours. It’s very near from the closest bus stop “Kamehameha Hwy + 66-520”.

At first, I followed the line and then ordered at the left window. Cash only. After I ordered, the staff gave me the number card. After they called my number, I went to the right window to get my garlic shrimp.

This is the Giovanni’s shop.

It takes much time to be served. I waited for about 15 minutes. I heard it took more time because there were so many people gathered after me.

Order Here

This is the menu. Most of people ordered SCAMPI (No.1). It’s a normal garlic shrimp. HOT & SPICY is as its name, spicy garlic shrimp. And LEMON & BUTTER have no garlic. All $14. And another, they have garlic dog ($4.5) and salads.


This is the GIOVANNI’S garlic shrimp. SCAMPI. It had 10 shrimps.
Those had shells. But it wasn’t hard shells, so, I ate everything except hard shells. But I removed those tails.

Scampi ($14)

So much garlic oils ! The garlic oil soaked into the shrimps. It’s oily. But delicious. The rice, too. They served it with much paper napkins, but it’s oily. So, I recommend you visit there with wet wipes.

I visited Haleiwa branch this time. But they have a head shop in Kafuku.
Kafukui is well-known as shrimp firm.


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