(Closed) Ichikawa Issa-an (市川一茶庵) in Motoyawata

Soba, Ichikawa Issa-an Tachigui corner (Motoyawata) Chiba
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Long-established soba restaurant.

There’s a long-established soba restaurant in front of Motoyawata station that attracted me for a long time. But we can’t see from outside and it’s hard to try.

But finally, we tried it !
Ichikawa Issa-an

Appearance, Ichikawa Issa-an Tachigui corner (Motoyawata)


Issa-an started their business about 50 years ago and now they have two restaurants and those are side by side.
One is ordinary soba restaurant and another is stand-up-eating soba restaurant.
“Tachigui” means stand-up-eating.

We tried the stand-up-eating restaurant that time.

The name have “stand-up-eating”, but actually, there’re chairs along the counter table. Actually, they are not stand-up-eating restaurant.

They don’t have many words on the menus. And I ordered Niku (pork meat) nanban soba (肉南蛮そば, 890 yen).

Niku Nanban soba, Ichikawa Issa-an Tachigui corner (Motoyawata)


This strong soup went with the soba well. The fat of pork meat was light.

Soba, Ichikawa Issa-an Tachigui corner (Motoyawata)


My friend ordered this. Duck Nanban soba (鴨南蛮そば, 1080 yen).

Duck Nanban soba, Ichikawa Issa-an Tachigui corner (Motoyawata)


And croquette. I forgot the price. But its coating was crisp and good. With plenty of green onion.

Croquette, Ichikawa Issa-an Tachigui corner (Motoyawata)


I want to visit another restaurant of Issa-an next time 🙂

About Ichikawa Issa-an Tachigui corner (市川一茶庵 立ち食いコーナー)

Address / 3-5-16 Minami-Yawata, Ichikawa-shi, Chiba
Station / Motoyawata station (JR)
Open / 11:30 – 15:00



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