Honolulu 2012 Winter (5/13) : Night meal at Don Quijote

Signboard, AAALocalBBQ, Honolulu(Honolulu 2012 winter) HAWAII
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Souvenir and night meal altogether at Don Quijote

This was the first day at Hawaii, but I wanted to buy something for my friends and mother, so I went to Don Quijote.
Because I didn’t want to think about souvenir while traveling 🙁

Suddenly, I felt hungry, so I decided to eat light meal at here.
It stands inside the grounds of Don Quijote.
AAA Local B-B-Q

Signboard, AAALocalBBQ, Honolulu(Honolulu 2012 winter)


Menus, AAALocalBBQ, Honolulu(Honolulu 2012 winter)

It seems pork, but it is chicken. Its name was, maybe “Grilled Chicken”. As you see.

It was chewy and it differed from chickens that I had eaten in Japan.But it was good. I also like such a chicken.
I love chicken 😀
Macaroni salad was good. I wanted to eat more 😛
I hated its rice 🙁 I left rice too much.

Bento, AAALocalBBQ, Honolulu(Honolulu 2012 winter)


Before going to Hawaii, I was exciting at thinking of foods at Hawaii – “I wonder what I eat in Hawaii :D”
But I had enough time eating at restaurant because I went out here and there haphazardly.

*What I ate last at Hawaii was Spam musubi 😛

At Don Quijote, I bought many bags of Kona coffee for me, because it was so inexpensive 😀
And I also bought chocolates and nuts for my friends and mother.

I thought, “Well, I can forget about that matter :D. ”

Going back to my hotel, I found my room was too much air‐conditioned. It was too cold !
Though I stopped the air conditioner before I left my room because I felt cold in the room.


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