Taipei 2016 Spring : Breakfast at Four seas soymilk king (四海豆漿大王)

My breakfast, Four seas soymilk king, Zhongshan (Taipei 201605) TAIWAN
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Taiwanese breakfast is one of my reason to be there.

I had breakfast at soy milk shop close to MRT Zhongshan station (中山站) on second day of my trip in Taipei. Speaking of breakfast in Taiwan, soy milk shop is a basic spot. But many Taiwanese people visit shop and buy something to go.

Four Seas Soy Milk King

Long line, Four seas soymilk king, Zhongshan (Taipei 201605)


It was early in the morning yet and there weren’t many people around the street. But this shop had much people and staffs were so busy !
Many soy milk shop close around noon, but this shop is open until late at night.

Kitchen, Four seas soymilk king, Zhongshan (Taipei 201605)


Chinese menu is hanging on the wall and als English and Japanese menu is put between the cashier.

Menus, Four seas soymilk king, Zhongshan (Taipei 201605)


The lady took my order at the cashier and put my foods on the tray. Then I paid and took the seat.
Salted warm soy milk (鹹豆漿, 25 HKD), Dan bing (蛋餅, 20 HKD), cold soy milk (冰豆漿, 15 HKD), meat bun (肉包, 20 HKD)
Dan bing is Taiwanese egg crepe. This outside was crisp and inside was soft.

My breakfast, Four seas soymilk king, Zhongshan (Taipei 201605)

この日の朝ごはん(^o^) みんな優しい味わいでとってもおいしい!全部で280円くらい?

I love it. This might be the best food that I had while this trip. It’s like Japanese chawanmushi. Deep fried buns are in it.
Because it have vinegar, it become loosely congeal.
This salted soymilk don’t have strong smell of soymilk, so, people can enjoy it who don’t like soymilk. It tasted like milk.

Warm salted soymilk, Four seas soymilk king, Zhongshan (Taipei 201605)

今回の旅行で一番おいしかった食べ物はこれかな(^o^) おぼろ豆腐みたいで軽い塩味。いくらでも食べられそう。。。

Though there was long line to order, there were many vacant seats 🙂
But while eating, people came one after another and all tables were occupied.
Especially, 8 ladies came and surround this small table (they moved some chairs to this table).

Interior, Four seas soymilk king, Zhongshan (Taipei 201605)


By the way, though I walked from my hotel in front of Taipei sta. on the road, I knew later there’s underpass between Zhongshan sta. and Taipei sta. And it’s shorter than the road outside.

After that I walked around zhongshan station.

Four seas soymilk king (四海豆漿大王)

Address / 台北市大同區長安西路29號
Station / MRT Zhongshan station (中山站)
Open / 6:00 – 21:00
Closed / no scheduled



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