TRIP (inside JAPAN)


“Chanoka (茶の菓)” of Kyoto

My friend often bought me CHA no KA when she visited Kyoto. I was always glad when she got it to me, and I thought I s...

Dormitory “Grateful” in Kyoto Marutamachi

When I decided to visit Kyoto one month before the trip, of course, there's no vacant hotels in Kyoto. Strictly speak...

[Kyoto] % ARABICA Kyoto in Fujii Daimaru

I dropped in at ARABICA Kyoto(% ΔRΔBICΔ) on the ground floor of Fujii Daimaru department store in Kawaramachi area. ...

Salon de the FRANCOIS(フランソワ喫茶室) in Kyoto Kawaramachi

I found my longing cafe named Salon de thé François by chance. Salon de thé François was established in 1934 (9th of Sh...

Taiwan Tian Shandin (台湾甜商店) in Umeda

I visited Taiwan Tian Shandin that was open in Hankyu Umeda Sanbangai bldg in September, 2017. It's Taiwanese sw...

[Kyoto] Inoda Coffee Honten (イノダコーヒ本店) in Karasuma

I posted about Maeda Coffee before. I visited Inoda Coffee Honten (イノダコーヒ本店) the next day for breakfast. Breakfast time...

Kyoto Curry Seisakujo Karil(京都カレー製作所カリル) in Kyoto Marutamachi

I visited "Kyoto Curry Seisakujo Kariru" to eat spicy curry in Kyoto. Seisakujo means factory. I got to there in time ...

Piece Hostel Kyoto in Kyoto

Speaking of trip in Kyoto, you might be anxious about your bed. Me, too. Hotels in Kyoto is really high. Even old cheap...

Maeda Coffee Honten (前田珈琲 室町本店) in Kyoto Karasuma

When I visit Kyoto, having breakfast at Kissaten (= cafe) is MUST to do.Speaking of breakfast at kissaten in Kyoto, INO...

[Kyoto] Tsukemen at Wajo Ryomen SUGARI (和醸良麺 すがり)

When I walked around Karasuma area, I felt like eating something. And I felt chill a bit, so I wanted to eat warm ramen...

[Kyoto] Kinshidon at Kanesho (かね正)


Osaka & Kyoto : Cherry blossoms in 2018

I visited Osaka and Kyoto at the beginning of April for viewing cherry blossoms. Speaking of the beginning of April, I'...

[Kyoto] Kohaku Nagashi at Seien (栖園)

When I visited Kyoto in 2016, I met great Japanese confectionery named "Kohaku-Nagashi". My friend recommended this swe...
ISHIKAWA (Kanazawa etc)

Beef steak house Hiyoko (ビーフステーキの店 ひよこ) in Kanazawa

I heard there's a popular steak restaurant in the shanty in the residential district. The restaurant's name is Beef ste...

Tenmasa (天政) in Namba

Tenmasa is a udon and soba shop that have counter seats only located at the center of Namba area. My friend who is a fo...
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