Hamburger shop – BROZER’S (Shintomicho)

Avocado hamburger, BROTHERS Ginza branch (Shintomicho) CITY GUIDE
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I went to hamburger shop that named BROTHER’S , standing at Shintomicho near Ginza.
It is in the front of Shintomicho metro station and this is the branch of the hamburger shop that is so famous in Ningyocho.

It has red-based interior. Fashionable 😀
But I felt unpleasant just a little. Because it was very hot this day. I felt more hot in this restaurant.

Interior, BROTHERS Ginza branch (Shintomicho)

I had eaten hamburger only McDonald’s 😛

Caesar salad (Small size) (シーザーサラダ スモールサイズ, 400 yen)
Caesar salad, BROTHERS Ginza branch (Shintomicho)

My  hamburger was Avocado Hamburger (アボカドバーガー, 1150 yen) 😀
Onion rings were good 😀 Crispy and soft.

Avocado Hamburger, it looks like tower !
“How do I eat it ?”, I thought 😛 Too big.
Avocado hamburger, BROTHERS Ginza branch (Shintomicho)

It was difficult to eat 🙁
But it was very good 😀 This avocado was thick, and the patty was juicy. Lettuce was fresh.

<Managed to put into paper, BROTHERS Ginza branch (Shintomicho)

Delicious ! I do want to eat at this restaurant again !

BROZER’S Shintomicho branch (ブラザーズ 新富町店)
2-2-11 Shintomicho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Open – 11:00 to 22:00
Fridays, Saturdays and former day of national holidays – 11:00 to 23:00
Sundays and another national holidays – 11:00 to 20:00
Holiday – no scheduled
HP –
(in Japanese only)


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