[Ogikubo] Valuable unagi at Kawase (川勢)

Because I had a chance to visit near Ogikubo, I went to Kawase (川勢) that is a eel shop. I had wanted to visit there for...

[Tsukiji] Pizza lunch at Tutto Bene !

Though there are many restaurants that serve spaghetti at lunchtime, there are few restaurants that serve pizza. Someti...

[Taipei] Chicken rice at 方家雞肉飯 in Ningxia Market

Mostly I visit Ningxia night market at least one time during my trip in Taipei. I rarely eat rice at there, but I felt ...

[Taipei] Deep fried chicken at 好吃炸雞 in Nanjichang Market

NanjichanNightMarket (南機場夜市)ismybestnightmarketinTaipeinow. Almost all visitors are local people and they don't underst...

[Hakodate] Katsuika at Ikasei Daimon branch (いか清 大門店)

Once in Hakodate, no one forgets living squid (katsuika). Ikasei Daimon branch (いか清 大門店) is one of the most popular res...

[Ochanomizu] Mountain sashimi bowl at Edofuji (江戸富士)

Because I felt like eating so much sashimi, I visited Edofuji (江戸富士) in Ochanomizu. They are sushi restaurant and they ...
Kanagawa & Saitama

[Yokohama Chinatown] Canton roast meat at Kinryo (金陵)

Because Yokohama Chinatown is far from my hometown and it's hard to go so frequently, it's precious time. Kinryo (金陵) i...

[Hualien] Feeling of old Taiwan at Yang Jelly Fig (楊子萱招牌愛玉)

I walked to the popular oyster omelet shop in Hualien at night, but incredibly there were so many people waiting and I ...
Kanagawa & Saitama

[Yokohama Chinatown] Taiwanese foods at Syumien (秀味園)

I searched for good Taiwanese foods restaurant in Yokohama Chinatown. And then I found there're some high-reputated res...

[Tokyo Sta.] Ramen at Ikaruga (斑鳩)

A branch of Ikaruga (斑鳩) is in Tokyo station and they serve gyokai tonkotsu ramen. They serve three levels of ramen. Normal, rich and greasy with wide noodles.

Hot to get an account of Japanese Hot Pepper Gourmet

I usually book restaurants if they accept reservation on the website, especially on Hot Pepper Gourmet. It's really use...

[Hualien] Pork ribs noodles at Lai Cheng Pork Chop Noodle (來成排骨麵)

I walked to 來成排骨麵 (来成排骨麵) from Hualian station for lunch. It took about 25 minutes walk. Far. They have been there sinc...

[Hualien] Wonton soup at Tai Kee Wonton (戴記扁食)

Because I felt hungry a bit after got to Hualien, I went to Tai Kee Wonton (戴記扁食) that is a long-established wonton sou...

[Hualien] Braised pork rice at 四八高地本舗

I visited 四八高地本舗 for lunch on the last day of my trip in Hualien. I wanted to eat their braised pork rice. To tell the ...

[Ginza] Soft serve at Nakahora Farm (なかほら牧場)

Soft serve made of fresh halal milk can be eaten this shop in Matsuya Ginza. Nakahora Farm is a real farm located Iwate prefecture and we can get their products made of the milk at the center of Ginza.
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