Sri Lankan foods


[Osaka] Sri Lankan curry at Rodda Group (ロッダグループ) in Osaka

When I was in Osaka, I felt like eating spicy curry. So, I searched for some good curries on the internet. But it was p...

Closed – [Kamata] Sri Lankan buffet at Ayurveda Cafe Didean (アーユルヴェーダカフェ ディディアン)

Ms.Dilani who used to manage Sri Lankan curry shop at Monzen-Nakacho married and went back to Sri Lanka. We mi...

[Tokyo] Sri Lankan curry at Ceylon drop (セイロンドロップ) in Suidobashi

Japan don't have much Sri Lankan foods restaurants yet. I always search for them. Ceylon Drop (セイロンドロップ) in Suidobashi ...
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