[Girona] Gelato at ROCAMBOLESC

When I decided to visit Girona, some friends said to me that I should eat gelato at ROCAMBOLESC. ROCAMBOLESC is managed...

[Tokyo] 7 Matcha gelato at Suzukien Asakusa (壽々喜園 浅草本店)

After lunch somewhere in Asakusa, how about dessert ? Parfait, anmitsu, pancake, crepe and so on. There's a variety of ...

[Ginza] Fresh gelato at L’ibisco (リビスコ)

I visited L'ibisco that is gelato shop in Ginza. I had wanted to visit there for a long time. Why I took such a long ti...
Kanagawa & Saitama

[Enoshima] Gelato at Market SE1 and Jellyfishes’ champagne tower in Enoshima

This is a continuation of an article about Kanagawa eating tour. After finished eating kakigori, we moved to Enoshi...
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