Zhangjiajie and feng huang : Emperor hotel (天子大酒店)

Our second day’s hotel was Emperor hotel (天子大酒店).
It was large hotel and there are many shops and restaurants around this hotel.

Appearance, Emperor hotel ,Zhangjiajie(Zhangjiajie and feng huang 2015)


My room was nice based on red, symbolic color of China.

My room, Emperor hotel ,Zhangjiajie(Zhangjiajie and feng huang 2015)


My room have shower room and bathtub separately ! It’s comfortable ! It’s hard for me to wash my body in the bathtub.

Bathroom, Emperor hotel ,Zhangjiajie(Zhangjiajie and feng huang 2015)


After we relaxed in our room for a while, we had dinner in the hotel. They served many dishes and we could enjoy variety of Chinese foods 🙂 But especially, this simple bread was good.

Dinner, Emperor hotel ,Zhangjiajie(Zhangjiajie and feng huang 2015)


After that, I got out of the hotel and took a walk around there.
There’s a supermarket close to this hotel and it was very fun.

This was the first time to see whole century eggs !
How do I remove the shell ? It looks very hard…

Century eggs, Supermarket near the hotel ,Zhangjiajie(Zhangjiajie and feng huang 2015)


Something nostalgic. And as you see this photo, there’re lots of buses and this hotel is good for tourists group.

Night view, Emperor hotel ,Zhangjiajie(Zhangjiajie and feng huang 2015)


The next day’s morning, we had buffet-style breakfast at the large hall.

Breakfast hall, Emperor hotel ,Zhangjiajie(Zhangjiajie and feng huang 2015)


I don’t remember those foods’ taste because I did my best not to touch this table. I was really astonished their way of clean up the table. The table remained dirty 🙁 No, it got more dirty….

Breakfast, Emperor hotel ,Zhangjiajie(Zhangjiajie and feng huang 2015)


I had never thought in Japan, but I might be tidy…

About Emperor Hotel

Address / 張家界市武陵源区武陵大道中段
Website / Trip Advisor

29.346794, 110.547473

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