Zhangjiajie and feng huang : Yuangjiajie

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Great view, but dreadful

After we flied to upper area of Yuangjiajie with cable car, we went up more.

View1, Yuangjiajie ,Zhangjiajie(Zhangjiajie and feng huang 2015)


There’re some great view points and lots of people were gathering around such view points.
Though there’re tough wooden fense along the trail, I was so scared because people hustled and jostled on the narrow trail 🙁

View5, Yuangjiajie ,Zhangjiajie(Zhangjiajie and feng huang 2015)


Especially elder ladies pushed and pushed in all directions. They are really terrible !
I can’t believe why did they push another people to the cliff ?

The view was awesome all the same.

View6, Yuangjiajie ,Zhangjiajie(Zhangjiajie and feng huang 2015)


View2, Yuangjiajie ,Zhangjiajie(Zhangjiajie and feng huang 2015)


View3, Yuangjiajie ,Zhangjiajie(Zhangjiajie and feng huang 2015)


View4, Yuangjiajie ,Zhangjiajie(Zhangjiajie and feng huang 2015)

断崖絶壁。あたりには人だかりに興奮したBBA。足もさらにすくみます(^_^;) そしてこの人だかりでこの後、みんなとはぐれてしまいました・・・

Precipitous cliff; And I was surrounded by crazy elder ladies. I felt weak at the knees more.

And then, the accident occurred me.

I lost sight of my group……

“Anyway, all I have to do is to go to glass elevator. And I’ll be able to meet my group !”
But…though I asked another guides, no one understood English X(
I said “Elevator” with body language, but they didn’t understand.

Then one of Chinese guide called one of the guide who understand English a little, and he managed to understand that I wanted to go down (but they don’t know “Elevator”) and he said to me, “Go right”
I walked along the trail as he said, and after 15 minutes or so, my group waited for me.

By the way, why did he understand “Elevator”.
The map says “elevator”.

Well, We had to take bus again to the elevator.

Glass elevator, Yuangjiajie ,Zhangjiajie(Zhangjiajie and feng huang 2015)


The guide said to us that sometime tourists have to wait for three hours to get on the elevator.
But fortunately, we could get on it in 30 minutes. This elevator took us to the ground (1000 m height !).
I couldn’t get good position to take the photo. I took this photo.

inside of Glass elevator, Yuangjiajie ,Zhangjiajie(Zhangjiajie and feng huang 2015)


I think it is great invention. But they are something crazy :p

Glass elevator from the bottom, Yuangjiajie ,Zhangjiajie(Zhangjiajie and feng huang 2015)


From the bottom, Yuangjiajie ,Zhangjiajie(Zhangjiajie and feng huang 2015)


After that the bus took us to our hotel.


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