Ningyocho : Two flavor of motsunabe at Yamasho

Giblet hotpot soy sauce flavor, Yamasho Ningyocho branch (Ningyocho) Tokyo
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Miso or soy sauce ? or both ?

I went to eat giblet hotpot (motsunabe) again before hotter.
Though it was already enough hot, mornings and evenings are still cool.

Yamasho Ningyocho branch

Appearance, Yamasho Ningyocho branch(Ningyocho)


I went to there last time by two of us, but this time we were seven people. We reserved a private room.

And we ordered two kinds of hotpot, soy sauce flavor and miso flavor.

Chopsticks, vinegared giblet and dish, Yamasho Ningyocho branch (Ningyocho)


Appetizer was uteruses dressed with vinegar.

Vinegared giblet, Yamasho Ningyocho branch(Ningyocho)


I like it best in all dishes that I ate this day. I felt crunchy texture and it didn’t had any bad smell. I wanted to have second helping 😛

Crunchy burdocks salad (カリカリごぼうサラダ) 600 yen

Crunchy burdock salads, Yamasho Ningyocho branch (Ningyocho)


Horse mackerel dressed with sesami dressing (ゴマアジ) 1200 yen

They serve mackerel last time, but that time, it was horse mackerel. Both was fresh and delicious 🙂

Horse mackerel dressed with sesami sauce, Yamasho Ningyocho branch (Ningyocho)


Beef tendon stew (牛すじ煮込み) 650 yen
It was simmered.

Beef tendon stew (nikomi), Yamasho Ningyocho branch (Ningyocho)


Grilled salted pig’s feet (豚足塩焼き) 600 yen
This was the first time to eat pig’s leg. I don’t like it…

Grilled salted pig's feet, Yamasho Ningyocho branch (Ningyocho)


Chickens wing tip karaage (手羽先の唐揚げ) 150 yen per one piece. Spicy and delicious.

Chickens wing tip karaage, Yamasho Ningyocho branch (Ningyocho)


Yamachan Korokke (山ちゃんコロッケ) 550 yen per two pieces

Yamachan croquette, Yamasho Ningyocho branch (Ningyocho)


Though I remember it tasted good, but I can’t remember its name 🙁
cartilage karaage … ?

Whats, Yamasho Ningyocho branch (Ningyocho)


Kikuhime (菊姫にごり酒) 600 yen
Cloudy Japanese sake.”kiku” means chrysanthemum & “Hime” means young princess. Nice name 🙂

Kikuhime Nigori-zake, Yamasho Ningyocho branch(Ningyocho)


Giblet hotpot miso flavor (もつ鍋味噌味) 1260 yen

Giblet hotpot miso flavor, Yamasho Ningyocho branch (Ningyocho)


My giblet hotpot miso flavor, Yamasho Ningyocho branch (Ningyocho)


It had so rich flavor 🙂  I was sure that it go with rice.

Giblet hotpot soy sauce flavor (もつ鍋醤油味) 1260 yen

Giblet hotpot soy sauce flavor, Yamasho Ningyocho branch (Ningyocho)


My giblet hotpot soy sauce flavor, Yamasho Ningyocho branch (Ningyocho)

Soy sauce flavor was tasty, but I like miso flavor better than soy sauce.

After eating ingredients in the pot, putting udon and rice into the pot.
Udon into soy sauce soup.

Chanpon for soy sauce flavored soup, Yamasho Ningyocho branch (Ningyocho)


And rice into miso soup. (But I don’t upload the picture because it is not good looking)

Dish up. Left is udon in soy sauce and right is rice in miso soup.

Meal, Yamasho Ningyocho branch (Ningyocho)


As you see, miso is not good looking. It never seems delicious. But ! it was so tasty as I had expected.  Like cheese risotto 🙂

About Yamasho Ningyocho branch (やましょう人形町店)

Address / 2-25-19 Nihonbashi-Ningyocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Station / Ningyocho station (Tokyo metro, Toei subway)
Open / 17:00 – 25:00
Closed / no scheduled



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