Morishita : Yamariki well-known as pork giblet

Octopus sashimi, Yamariki Honkan (Morishita) Tokyo
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Yamariki is popular as pork giblet, but that is not all !

Yamariki Honkan in front of Morishita station is too popular izakaya.
The seats are so narrow.
And we can’t reserve past 6 p.m.
Their specialty is pork giblet.

Extremely famous nikomi (giblet stew, 煮込み, 530 yen)

Nikomi, Yamariki Honkan (Morishita)


Putting it with boiled egg on the garlic baquette is popular way to eat it.
But we learned that eating it with egg, with garlic baquette, then we’ll be full soon last time, so we order just nikomi.

Yamariki says it also go with red wine, but I ordered beer named Premium white wheat-beer Shiro-honoka (白穂の香, 530 yen).
Well, I ordered it last time, too.

Shiro-honoka and otoshi, Yamariki Honkan (Morishita)


And then we ordered some foods on today’s recommendation

Today's special, Yamariki Honkan (Morishita)


Octopus (活タコ刺身, 650 yen) and horse mackerel sashimi (アジ刺身, 900 yen).

Horse mackerel sashimi, Yamariki Honkan (Morishita)


Octopus sashimi, Yamariki Honkan (Morishita)


Yay ! So fresh and tasty. Yamariki is not a simple giblet izakaya. Not only giblet but also they serve good seafood though they don’t prepare much species of seafood. The horse mackerel from Kanagawa and octopus from Noto

Vinegared mackerel we ate last time tasted good, too !

And, steamed hard clam with Japanese sake (ホンビノス貝の酒蒸し, 600 yen).

Steamed hard clam with Japanese sake, Yamariki Honkan (Morishita)


Is it from Chiba ? I think it is from my hometown. Lots of hard clam served around Kanto region from Chiba.
The soup having hard clam extract was tasty 🙂

Good descision to select some foods from today’s recommendation !

Crunchy small horse mackerel with green pepper sauce (カリッと小あじの青コショウソース, 700 yen)

Crunchy small horse mackerel with green pepper sauce, Yamariki Honkan (Morishita)

Pork stomach sashimi with ginger and soy sauce (ガツ刺し生姜正油, 530 yen)
Stomach sashimi with ginger sauce, Yamariki Honkan (Morishita)

We ate yakiton as last.
Yakiton, Yamariki Honkan (Morishita)

Our dinner started with giblet and ended giblets even though they serve good seafood because their specialty is pork giblet !

If we go there until 6 p.m., there’s a possibility of getting seats without reservation. (1 or 2 person groups only)

They have English website, so maybe they have English menus, too 🙂

About Yamariki Hnkan (山利喜 本館)

Address / 2-18-8 Morishita, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Station / Morishita sation (Toei subway)
Open / 17:00 – 22:00
Closed / Sundays, another national holidays
Website / English)



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