Morishita : Yamariki Honkan

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The izakaya retains the original look of the Showa Period. It is near Morishita subway station (森下駅). Though unapproachable appearance, once entering the shop, I felt comfortable.

Yamariki Honkan(main building) – 山利喜 本館

White beer – “Shirohonoka (白穂乃香)”

Gut stew with an egg – 煮込み玉子入り (630 yen) and garlic bread – ガーリックトースト(300 yen) .

Putting gut and sliced green onion on the garlic bread. Good looking for taking picture, but it was hard to eat 🙂

So, after taking the picture, I ate gut first, then I ate the garlic bread.
But the gut sauce soaked into the bread.

It also go well with red wine 🙂

Raw golden cuttlefish and cibol nuta( “nuta” is salad with vinegar and miso) – 新すみいかと分葱のぬた (700 yen)

Mushrooms soup – きのこ汁 (350 yen).
Some kinds of mushrooms were in the soup.

Assorted handmade smoked foods – 自家製燻製盛り合わせ (900 yen).
Upper left to right – meatloaf, cheeses and pork liver
Bottom left to right – grilled mackerel, pig’s ear and mentaiko mayonnaise(not smoked)

Grilled pork (Yakiton) – 焼きとん
300 yen (per two sticks).


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