Yamadaya(やまだや) (18 June) 1st (Tsukiji)

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I had been invited to Yamadaya again, so I went to there. 😀

I can remember the day when I went to there by this picture of menu 😀
This day's menu, YAMADAYA

In the meantime, I ordered stout. (I don’t like beer, but stout is OK :D)

Appetizer.Raw tuna and avocado came. That’s a good combination 🙂
This raw tuna were good marinated 😀

Bonito tataki (1365 yen) – roasted over the straw-fueled fire.

Especially, its grilled surface tasted very good 😀

Then, Yamadaya bacons (997 yen). Somehow, I can’t take the picture well every time.

Locally raised chicken salad with Pecorino flavor (945 yen)

Of course, vagetables and chickens were good, but its dressing was excellent above all.

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