Yamadaya in April (Tsukiji)

Grilled cherry salmon, Yamadaya CITY GUIDE
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Last month, my friend invited me to Yamadaya again 🙂

“Today’s menu”
Today's Menu, Yamadaya
In April, it is a season of bamboo shoot and cherry salmon 🙂
Truthfully speaking, I was so busy and I had much to do at office.
But I left my work and went to Yamadaya 😛

Appetizer was boiled vegetables.
Appetizer, Yamadaya

*Chickens salads (地鶏サラダペコリーのチーズ風味) 945 yen
Chickens salads, Yamadaya

*Grilled broad beans (焼天豆) 682 yen
Grilled broad beans, Yamadaya

Grilled broad beans (open), Yamadaya

*Assorted sashimi (おまかせ刺身盛込み) 2154 yen
Assorted sashimi, Yamadaya

*Bamboo shoot sashimi (筍の刺身) 735 yen.
Bamboo shoot sashimi, Yamadaya

*Grilled bamboo shoot (焼筍) 840 yen.
Grilled bamboo shoot, Yamadaya

Raw bamboo shoot was fresh and tasty, but roasting makes it sweeter and softer 🙂

*Grilled cherry salmon with soy sauce (本マスのタレ焼) 1260 yen.
Grilled cherry salmon, Yamadaya
I expected that I could eat more cherry salmon, but it was only dish on the menus …

*Karaaage (モモ唐揚げ) 1365 yen
Karaage, Yamadaya
I want to eat such a nice karaage at lunchtime on workdays.

*Roasted pickled wild boar with miso, with red wine sauce (いのしし味噌漬けのロースト赤ワインソース) 1260 yen.
Grilled wild boar,  Yamadaya
It had not any bad smell. Goooood 🙂
But the wild boar was pickled with miso. Still more it was seasoned with strong red wine sauce.
So it is difficult to remove bad smell from wild meats.

*Handmade scallop cream korokke (手作り帆立貝クリームコロッケ) 840 yen
scallops croquette, Yamadaya

*Steamed vegetables (蒸し野菜).
Stemed vegetables, Yamadaya

*Steamed balls of bamboo shoot and shrimp(筍と白エビの蒸し団子) 892 yen
Steamed balls of bamboo shoot and broad velvet shrimp, Yamadaya

*Splendid alfonsino shabushabu (金目鯛のしゃぶしゃぶ) 2310 yen.
Boiling bones
splendid alfonsino shabushabu (Boiling the bones) , Yamadaya
Eating bones
splendid alfonsino shabushabu (eating bones), Yamadaya
I can’t eat the part of the eyes 🙁 By no means (>_<)

Dipping slices of the splendid alfonsino into the boiling water.
splendid alfonsino shabushabu (slices of the fishes), Yamadaya

Do shabushabu, Yamadaya
And eating made me so happy.

*Bamboo shoot rice (筍ごはん) 945 yen
It is not one portion 😛
The all things covering on the surface is slices of bamboo shoots. There were much smells of bamboo shoot in the restaurant.
Earthenware pot, Yamadaya

My bamboo shoot rice and soup. If I remember right, I ate bamboo shoot rice at Yamadaya last year, too.
This time’s was much better than last year’s.

Bamboo shoot rice and soup, Yamadaya

I ate much delicious dishes and I went back to home with happily.
But I had to work more hard next morning 😛


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