Amami 2015 (1/9) : Local food and brown sugar shochu at Tecchan (焼鳥てっちゃん)

Amami airport (Amami 2015) KAGOSHIMA
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First visit to remote island 🙂

I’ll post about my trip to Amami at the end of last year.
I didn’t have nothing to do at Amami and thought nothing. I went to Amami just because I got flight ticket between Amami at very inexpensive price.
I posted about my trip to Hokuriku and Tokai before Amami trip because Amami is warm all year around.
I didn’t want to post about trip in snow during warm season :p

I took Vanilla air as usual.

From the sky (Amami 2015)


It takes one and half hour or so from Narita to Amami.

Amami airport is very small.
Its appearance have atmosphere of peaceful tropical island 🙂

Amami airport (Amami 2015)


Only JAL have the service between Haneda and Amami and it is very expensive because it was only the flight service between Metropolitan area and Amami.
But I heard that a number of tourists who visit Amami is increasing since Vanilla air has started service between Narita. Yes, me too :p

Amami island is a part of Kagoshima prefecture. It is the largest remote island of Kagoshima.
Amami airport is connected to remote islands of Kagoshima prefecture (Kikai island, Tokuno(shima) island, Okinoerabu island and Yoron asland) by air as same as Kagoshima airport.

It takes about one hour from Amami airport to Nase that is the main town of Amami.
I got to the airport around 4 p.m, so, when I got to my hotel, it was already around 5:30 p.m.

I was starving, so I got out of my hotel just after check-in and went to the restaurant that I wanted to go.
It was past 6 p.m., There restaurants were already packed with people. Everyone already got drunk ! Their NIGHT is so early !

I managed to enter the fourth restaurant that is named Yakitoriya Tecchan. They are yakitori restaurant, but they also serve various local foods of Amami like abura abura-somen and keihan.

Appearance, Yakitoriya Tecchan Naze branch (Amami 2015)

奄美の中心地、名瀬に着いたときにはすでに6時。奄美の夜は早いのか、どこも満席(ノ∀`) なんとか4軒目で入れてもらえました。

Though I got shot down at first because only three ladies cooked and served for large group. But they led me to the seat.
Maybe they realized that I had trouble in having dinner :p

Shochu is one of the specialty of Kagoshima. And Amami have the largest market share of brown sugar as well as Okinawa in Japan.
So, I ordered brown sugar shochu (黒糖焼酎, 600 yen) (Kokuto shochu), but I rarely drink shochu :p

Brown sugar shochu, Yakitoriya Tecchan Naze branch (Amami 2015)


I ordered Keihan and jidori chicken sashimi set (鶏飯セット地鶏刺身付, 1550 yen).
Though they said they take much time to prepare my meal, but chicken sashimi was served soon.
I thought chicken sashimi is served on the small dish. But it was large ! The menu says it is “sashimi”, but it was cooked well :p Medium rare ?

Chicken sashimi, Yakitoriya Tecchan Naze branch (Amami 2015)


Keihan had 2.5 bowls of rice !

Keihan, Yakitoriya Tecchan Naze branch (Amami 2015)


And the ingredients are served separately.

Codiments for keihan, Yakitoriya Tecchan Naze branch (Amami 2015)


Way to eat.
1) Put rice into the rice as you like.
2) Put separated ingredients on the rice. Ingredients were dried seaweed, boiled chicken, pickles, boiled shiitake mushroom with soy sauce, shredded fried egg and green onion.
3) Put soup on it and then eat.

Dish up, Yakitoriya Tecchan Naze branch (Amami 2015)

The soup was tast. This was the first time to eat keihan. Keihan is the local food of Kagoshima. So, Keihan is eaten in Amami, too.
I thought food culture of Amami is similar to Okinawa well before visiting there. But I learned it is far from Okinawa’s food culture.
Culture of Amami is affected heavily by the main island (Kyushu area)

About Yakitoriya Tecchan Naze branch (焼鳥屋 てっちゃん 名瀬店)

Address / 3-5 NazeMinatomachi, Amami-shi, Kagoshima
Bus stop / Asahi Dori (朝日通り) bus stop
Open / from 11:30 to 23:00
Closed / no scheduled



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