Shampoo : Via Organica

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I tried New Shampoo

Up to the present, my thinking about shampoo was

As long as I don’t get a scalp-erupution.

My scalp is weak like that.

Many women says, “I hate sillicon :D” or “I never use shampoo that have ingredients named XXX”
I don’t mind ingredients except for mercury

I don’t care about ingredients now.
But now there are many kinds of shampoo in this world.
By any chance there may be any shampoo that don’t make my scalp bad and my hair become grossy, I expected.

First of all, I tried it.

Via Organica (Scent of fresh herbs – eucalypt and juniper)

Via Organica

I selected it non-sillicon by chance.
This shampoo is non-sillicon and organic. But I didn’t recognize when I bought it. By chance.

Why I selected the shampoo is its looking 🙂

This says…

No silicon.
No polymer.
No synthetic dye.
No synthetic perfumes and flavour materials.
No animality materials.
No oil surfactant.

I don’t know well, it seems not using bad ingredients at all and using only good ingredients.

But seeing this good ingredients list makes me feel my body itchy … 🙁
Why ?

Rosemary’s leaf extract
Calendula officinalis’s flower extract
German chamomile’s flower extract
Lemon’s skin extract
Helichrysum italicum (curry plant) extract
Lavendor extract
Common mallow extract
Common thymus extract
Urtica dioica extract
Grape’s leaf extract

Actually I tried to use it , then my scalp become itchy on the third day.
After drying hair, my hair had become very smooth and grossy, but I found my hair dry next morning.

I like the scent of eucalypt and juniper very much.
But after drying hair, after a while, the scent is gone.

OK, OK. Next, next.
Next, I’m going to use “Samurai Woman”. I’ll use it from tonight :O

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