Uzbekistan 2011 Summer (11/11) : Last morning

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Good-bye Uzbekistan for the time being.

I got up at 5:00 a.m. and we went to breakfast meeting venue.
Two persons were already there. They finished eating already. Amazing. It was still 5:00 a.m.

I got better just a little bit than the day before, so I could have breakfast just a little.
Two slices of breads, salami, cheese, a boiled egg.

Finish eating, then I went back to lobby, our guide was already there.

I deposited myself on the sofa and out guide told us how to procedure the departure at Tashkent International Airport .
He also told us where the entrance to the International airport.
The persons who don’t have air ticket can’t be allowed to go near the airport.

Our guide asked me about my phisical condition in the car.
I said, “I feel better :)” (It was a lie :P)

We arrived at Tashkent International Airport, then we left the guide who helped us one way or another during our trip in Uzbekistan.

Well, the entrance for boarding is 2nd floor.
There was neither elevator and escalator 🙁

I tried to ask someone (Airport staff or policeman) for carrying my baggage to upstairs in exchange for 11000 uzbekistani som left.
But there were no airport staff and policeman around stairs 🙁
Though there were many many policemen around the entrance !! :O

I told myself , ” I have only to go up the stairs, and it is equal to arrive Japan :O”
And I managed to reach the head of the stairs 🙁

I found there was a crowd.

A man asked us, “Moscow ?”. I said “No, Tokyo.”. I didn’t know why but he looked regretful.

Still I call Narita Airpot “Tokyo” 😛

We couldn’t find decoration forms for customs written in English that our guide said to us.
Well, there were only written in Russian.
I filled out my decoration form with guidebook and duplicate of immigration.

My declaration sheet was corrected several at the customs.
I think it was important for customs about amount of money only, so, customs officials corrected my sheet quickly.

My purpose of leaving for Japan couldn’t be “Travel” 😛


We had to take off our shoes at baggage inspection. Shoes were dealt as baggage 😛
It might be OK bringing bottles of liquid into the airplane. But I already threw away as refuse

Baby carriage is baggage at the airport, too.
A mother took her child down from the baby carriage.
The child cried loudly with anger 😛

After that, I bought a bottle of mineral water at a bar at departure lobby.
I couldn’t use uzbekistani som at the bar.
Why don’t they accept their own currency ?
Why don’t they trust their own currency ?
I can’t understand 🙁

Also, I couldn’t exchange soms for dollars at hotel.

Well, certainly, most uzbekistani som bills were crumpled, and written something by ballpoint pens.
There may be much counterfeit money bills around. And I think it may be difficult to find out counterfeit money bills.

By the way, the mineral water was 2 dollars.
Expensive. 🙁

Our airplane was filled to capacity, the same as going.
(Of course most of passengers went to Narita by way of Tashkent)

Then many foreigners came into the airplane who spoke Japanese as if it were their mother tongue.
They were students at international school, and they went back from Spain on school trip.

After take-off, a flight attendant gave me a small bag of peanuts.
There were some beans that had no taste. But basically, it tasted salty and good.

Then, in-flight meals came.
Beef. I couldn’t bear the smells. I never ate.
It seemed good. But I couldn’t accept its smell at that time.

After that, breads came, but I also couldn’t eat it. But I thought I would eat it after arriving at home, so I took it back.
But I couldn’ eat it after all.

I arrived at Narita International Airport without accident, then I got a Keisei train.

I felt being get well. I thought I’ll get better soon.

On arriving at home, I found my mother was there. I didn’t know why she was in my home.
My mother worried about my going to abroad for six days. And she came to my house before the day I came back to home and she prepared my dinner.
She also bought me ikura. I like ikura so much. So, I ate ikura with pleasure but, it was tasteless. Not. I couldn’t taste.

And I couldn’t eat much.

I went to bed earlier that day.

But at the  night, I felt a heavy pain in my left side about every 5 minutes.
I found myself not getting well next morning, so I went to hospital. It took 1 hour from my house. I always take only 30 minutes from my house to hospital :(.
I had an intravenous drip and I got two doses of tibiotics and other medicines for 5 days, then I arrived at home..
I thought, “I want more doses of tibiotics.” . Because I felt so bad, I didn’t think only two doses of tibiotics made me recover.
Actually, I felt bad yet after having two doses of tibiotics.
But I got better by the time I finished having these medicines.
Nevertheless it took more one month to recover from illness completely.

I was sure to be infected with some serious infectious disease.
But as a result of examination, I had just a neuralgia.

I decided to bring medicines and antiseptic solution without fail.


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