Awajicho : Creamy ramen at Ushio (潮)

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One of the most popular Toripaitan in Tokyo.

I had lunch at Ushio that is one of the popular ramen shop in Kanda area.

Appearance, Ushio (Awajicho)


When we got to there at earlier time, there were still some vacant seats. There’re counter seats only.
I bought a ticket at the vending machine and was seated.

They have two species of ramen mainly.

Menus, Ushio (Awajicho)


I ordered Toripaitan ramen (鶏白湯そば, 870 yen) (Ramen in thick chicken broth soup) that is NO.1 ramen in this shop.

Toripaitan soba, Ushio (Awajicho)


Noodles of Toripaitan soba, Ushio (Awajicho)


They offer extra noodles by free of charge at lunchtime.
The soupstock have broth of chicken and vegetables and was mixed with fresh cream and milk.
It looks like spaghettin in a soup.
They make their medium narrow noodles on their own. This noodle is like pasta.

Well, it’s the pasta.

The ingredients were, rolled asparagus with pork, poached egg. broccori, deep fried onion, cut pasley and so on.

I never felt that I ate ramen.

It was really tasty as spaghetti. But I went to there for eating ramen.
I think there are for and against.

I don’t like very much.
Of course, it was tasty and it’s good food when you feel like eating creamy spaghetti.

I say again. It’s spaghetti !

I liked Nihon-ichi Shoyu soba (にほんいち醤油そば, 870 yen) that my friend ate far better.

Nihon-ichi Shoyu soba, Ushio (Awajicho)


This soup have soupstock made of konbu seaweed, dried mackerel and Nihon-ichi Shoyu.

By the way, they use soy sauce named “Nihonichi (The best in Japan) Shoyu”. So they named their ramen “Nihon-ichi shoyu soba”. They don’t mean “No.1 Soy sauce soba” :p

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About Ushio (潮)

Address / R Kanda Awajicho B1F, 2-4-4 Kanda-Awajicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Station / Awajicho station (Toei subway)
Open / 11:00 – 19:00
Closed / Sundays (in case of national holidays, it is open)

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