Uruoi Sengen

Uruoi-sengen BEAUTY
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“Uruoi Sengen” means ” I declare to keep moisture in the skin” in English.
I had been wanting to try such jelly sticks containing collagen.
I found I can get the three sticks without charge by the internet.
So I ordered it soon.


Yuzu flavor 🙂

This tasted strange a bit.
But this is small in quantity, so I don’t feel difficulty a lot in having it.

Most collagen drinks are large in quantity. And difficult to drink.
But I have fulfillment because I drink up with patience.(But I can’t find its effection at my skin.)

I used it for three days, but there is no effection.
In the first place, it seems there is no vital reaction in my skin, I don’t feel my skin alive.
Is there any sebaceous glands in my skin ?


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