Uotake (Ginza)

I visited Uotake(魚竹) in Ginza for lunch.

This is izakaya. The izakaya opens at lunch-time on weekdays.
So I can’t go there for lunch when I have work.

Menus. Menus are changed day by day.

This izakaya is famous as grilled fish at lunch. So I intended to order grilled fish. But I didn’t want to eat salmon at that time, so I ordered a left-over flesh on the spine of a fish and scallops sashimi set (4th row from right).

This izakaya is so narrow. It have only a counter table for visitors.
May be it have only 10 seats.

While waiting my meals, people came one after another.
Many people ordered grilled salmon. As I heard many “Grilled salmon, please!”, I want to eat salmon just a little.

But my lunch set came.
It seemed good 🙂
There were slices of green onions. If you mix left-over flesh on the spine of a fish and green onions, it is negitoro !
But I didn’t mix. I ate green onions on left-over flesh on the spine of a fish. I wanted to feel each texture separately.

Wakame and dried young sardines in vinegar was a little sweet and sour. It was good.

Scallops were sweet.

Rightly, sashimi was really good. But I want to eat grilled fish next time 🙂

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  1. AA says:

    This looks so yummy !! Are the shops there small individualised ones? They look quaint

    • Ryoko says:

      I’m sorry, I can’t understand your English well, I’m not good at understanding English.
      I think “small individualized one” means private rooms(reserved room).Is it right ? This shop is so narrow that there aren’t any rooms in the shop. There is only one long table for visitors.

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