TULLY’S COFFEE : Christmas-limited drinks comes out !

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After Halloween, Christmas-limited products appeared !

November 2th. TULLY’S COFFEE started to serve Christmas-limited drinks.

Signboard, Tullys coffee Tsudanuma Aeon branch (Tsudanuma)


Left – Irish Latte (アイリッシュラテ, Short 460 yen, tall 510 yen, Grande 560 yen)
Right – Noel Honey Milk Latte (ノエルハニーミルクラテ, Short 480 yen, tall 530 yen, Grande 580 yen)
Both have plenty of whipped cream. Those were sweet, but delicious.Irish latte have baked caramel flavor and Noel honey milk latte had much spice. I heard that Noel honey milk latte is similar to speculaas that is European traditional confectionery for Christmas 🙂

Noelle honey milk latte and Irish latte, Tullys coffee Tsudanuma Aeon branch (Tsudanuma)


Cabernet & strawberry tea (カベルネ&ストレートティー, Short 410 yen, tall 460 yen)
It have “Cabernet” in its name. I think it is because Beaujolais Nouveau is soon.
The fruits of strawberry is marinated in syrup. And more it have syrup.
So it is very sweet. Maybe they make it without syrup if we order. The tastes was good. So, I’ll try it without syrup next time.

Cabernet & strawberry tea, Tullys coffee Tsudanuma Aeon branch (Tsudanuma)z


Those three limited-drinks can be chosen from hot one and iced one 🙂
I chose hot drinks.

Paper cups have limited-pattern, too !(But mugs are as same as usual)

Cups only for Christmas season, Tullys coffee Tsudanuma Aeon branch (Tsudanuma)



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