Trip to Nara 2012 Autumn – the 2nd day, Asuka 5

TRIP (inside JAPAN)
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On my way to Asukadera temple from Okadera temple, I found a wagashi shop along the road.
I felt chill by a cold wind, so I felt like to get warm in the shop with sweet flavor 🙂

Imanishi Seishin-do (今西誠進堂)

Yuzu yokan (柚子羊羹) and Habutae-mochi (羽二重餅)
I don’t remember those price, but those were not expensive.
This yokan was more jelly than yokan. Yuzu flavor and light sweetness spread in my mouth. Habutae-mochi was so soft and springy texture. Habutae-mochi is made from steamed and kneaded rice flour with sugar and starch syrup. And koshian (strained bean taste) was in it. 20130204_今西誠進堂
Asukaji temple (飛鳥寺)
Asukaji temple is famous for Asuka Daibutsu.
If you want to see Asuka Daibutsu, you must to pay admission fee to enter the architecture. I didn’t see Asuka Daibutsu, because I intended to see Nara no Daibutsu at Todaiji temple next day.

Sexagenary cycle’s pictures. It is dedicated to the temple every year.
Left is 2009,  right is 2008.
I want to see this year’s pictrue 🙂
The excavation still continues at the temple.
Sei-mon Gate ruins (Western Gate ruins)

After that I got to Kashihara Jingu station (橿原神宮駅) on foot.
If I had had more time, I could to to Kashihara Jingu shrine.
But the time when I got to the station, it got already dark and cold.
Also it took over one hour to get to Nara station by train. So, I took the train in haste.

I usually can’t accomplish my schedule on a trip, because I stop the way again and again.
But I could accomplish my schedule this day. I could go all spots that I wanted to go, Takamatsuzuka Tumulus, Ishibutai-kofun Tumulus, Kawaharadera temple ruins and Tachibanadera temple. And I could see huge tortoise 🙂



  1. outforalonglunch says:

    I’m only going to spend 1 full day in Nara, hope it’s enough for the Buddhist monuments.

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