Trip to Nara 2012 Autumn – the 2nd day, Asuka 3

Next my destination was Tachibanadera temple(橘寺) that can be seen from in front of Kawaharadera temple ruins.
It is said this temple is a birthplace of Prince Shotoku.
The approach to the main worship hall.
Kannon-do Hall (Main worship hall)

Bell tower. I rang the bell and wished my … my… it’s my secret 😛
I made my wish 🙂
Nimen-ishi (二面石) – Double-faced stone.
It is said that this stone is shown two ways of thinking.
Left is evil face, and right is good face. From left …
Sanko-ishi (三光石)
It is said that when Prince Shotoku lectured on the Shoman-gyo Sutra, this stone sent out sunlight, moonlight and starlight.
Ajiike (阿字池) – ‘a’-shaped pond.
‘阿’ is Sanskrit character ‘a’.
The pond has been created in the shape of the Sanskrit character for ‘a'(‘阿’)
It is said that Prince Shotoku made the pond.
The horse owned by Prince Shotoku.
After getting out of the temple, I walked to Ishibutai kofun Tumulus. 30 minutes or so.

Ishibutai kofun Tumulus (石舞台古墳)
It is believed to be the tomb of SOGA no Umako.
20130128_石舞台古墳 20130128_石舞台古墳セピア
The stone chamber.
This shadow looks like a man. But everyone except me remarked unconcernedly.
What do you think ?

After this I went toward Okadera temple that was most difficult place to reach.
It stands on a tough hill 🙁


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