Hirai : Monkfish, soft roe hotpot at Toyotaya (豊田屋)

Grilled eel's innards, Toyotaya (Hirai) Tokyo
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This season has come this year, too !

Now winter season has set in. The best season for Hotpot is here!
Though now I eat hotpot even in summer.
But, there’s precious hotpot that can be eaten only in winter !

I was waiting this season for a year !

That hotpot can be eaten here !

Appearance, Toyotaya (Hirai)


So small and narrow izakaya and it was entirely packed.
And …
The wonderful hotpots are on the menus !
Monkfish liver hotpot, Monkfish and monkfish liver hotpot, Soft roe hotpot, Oysters hotpot….Dainty hotpots !

Interior, Toyotaya (Hirai)


At first, we ordered our drinks. I ordered my drink a Highball with dried plum (梅干しハイボール, 320 yen)

Highball with dried plum, Toyotaya (Hirai)


This dried plum was tasty … 😉

Vinegared mackerel (しめさば, 580 yen)

Vinegared mackerel, Toyotaya (Hirai)


This izakaya is popular as the hotpots, but this vinegared mackerel is great, too. Basically, I don’t like vinegared mackerel, but I welcome such a tasty vinegared mackerel !

Grilled eel’s innards (うなぎの肝焼き, 440 yen * 2)

Grilled eel's innards, Toyotaya (Hirai)


Its bitterness was awesome !

Well, our hotpot came.
Two portion of Soft roe hotpot (1900 yen * 2), one portion of monkfish hotpot (1800 yen) and one portion of monkfish liver hotpot (1900 yen) all together in the big pot 🙂

Soft roe1 and 1monkfish and 1 monkfish liver, Toyotaya (Hirai)

なべなべなべ~(*´д`*) 好きな人にはたまらない画ですが、嫌いな人には、単なるグロ画像という・・・・(ノ∀`)

It is attractive picture for us, who love it.
But it is only a grotesque picture for people who hate it ,,,
Which do you feel ? 😉

It took much time to cook the hotpot, and some foods came another the hotpot. So, we waited the hotpot being cooked over eating another foods.

Simmered beef and tofu (牛煮込み, 400 yen)

Simmered beef and tofu, Toyotaya (Hirai)


Simmered beef was tasty and the tofu dressed with its fat and taste 🙂

Ham steak (ハムステーキ, 530 yen)

Ham steak, Toyotaya (Hirai)


So thick ham ! It went with the homemade onion dressing !

Deep fried oysters (カキフライ, 480 yen)

Deep fried oysters, Toyotaya (Hirai)


Sardines tempura (イワシ天ぷら, 450 yen)

Deep fried sardines, Toyotaya (Hirai)


Just a bit more ….

Cooking, Toyotaya (Hirai)


Basically, the staff cook it lest those are uncooked.

We had a second helping. The soft roe got smaller than expected and we weren’t satisfied.
One portion of Oyster hotpot (1400 yen) and soft roe hotpot each.

1Soft roe and 1Oyster, Toyotaya (Hirai)


Last, we put udon into the pot. Two portions of udon.
This udon was expanding in the  soup !

Udon, Toyotaya (Hirai)


That time was like dream. And I wanna go there again soon, within this year !

About Toyotaya (豊田屋)

Address / 6-15-23 Hirai, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo
Station / Hirai station (JR)
Open / 16:30 – 23:30
Closed / Sundays



  1. Oh my! The ankimo & kaki hotpot looked amazing!

    • Ryoko says:

      I knew the existence of such a delicious hotpot last year ! I often visit there since then.
      So tight izakaya, but it well worth visiting.

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