Hirai : Soft roe, monkfish liver gathering in a hotpot (豊田屋)

Soft roe, monkfish, monkfish liver, Toyotaya (Hirai) BEAUTY
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Special hotpot during cold season only !

My friend invited me to the izakaya that is named Toyotaya near Hirai station, not so far from Kinshicho and Oshiage,  the other day.

Appearance, Toyotaya (Hirai)


It is cheap izakaya and so popular. But why this izakaya being famous among people is not just it.

They have specialty.

I told you about it later. 😛

And, this atomosphere was feast for me, too.

Interior, Toyotaya (Hirai)


My first drink was it.
Unrefined Japanese sake(にごり酒) 300 yen

Unrefined sake, Toyotaya (Hirai)


It had a strong taste !

Pickled Chinese cabbage (おしんこ) 150 yen

Pickled vegetables, Toyotaya (Hirai)


Inexpensive ! But I didn’t eat it. Because many dishes came again and again just after it came.

Vinegared mackerel (しめさば) 550 yen

Vinegared mackerel, Hirataya (Hirai)


I didn’t have any expectation about this izakaya’s sashimi. But this vinegared mackerel was soooo fresh and tasty.
It was lightly vinegared.

Omelet(オムレツ) 200 yen

Omelet, Toyotaya (Hirai)


Very soft 😀

Deep fried oysters (カキフライ) 450 yen

Deep fried oysters, Toyotaya (Hirai)


Those oysters tasted very good, but those coatings were very hard and not good 🙁

Ham steak(ハムステーキ) 500 yen

Ham steak, Toyotaya (Hirai)


It textured like a real steak !

I had second helping of my drink 🙂
Shochu highball (焼酎ハイボール) 250 yen

Shochu highball, Toyotaya (Hirai)


Eels liver (ウナギきも焼き2本) 400 yen per two sticks

Eels liver, Toyotaya (Hirai)


Eels ! I love this bitterness of the liver !

And this shop’s specialty and the reason of everyone loves this shop is it !
Two portions of soft roe, one portion of monkfish and one portion of monkfish liver (白子2人前、アンキモ1人前、アンコウ1人前) 7000 yen

Soft roe, monkfish, monkfish liver, Toyotaya (Hirai)


Soft roe, Toyotaya (Hirai)


Guest can choice main ingredients in the pot, from soft roe, monkfish, monkfish liver, oysters, ducks and so on.

So crazy foods !!!

I never seen such a food at another shops !


Boiling, Toyotaya (Hirai)


Much vegetables in it. Those vegetables and tofu with plenty essence of monkfish and soft roe were very nice.

After eating up the ingredients, we put udon into the pot and then ate up.

Udon in a pot, Toyotaya (Hirai)


Reservation seat 😛

Reservation seat, Toyotaya (Hirai)

こ、これが予約席・・・( ゚д゚)ポカーン

There used to be a many elder men guests before. But recently many ladies come. It looked like something an eccentric cafe that day, too.

My friends will go to there this April, too. But I won’t be able to join the dinner because if my work. Ah….

About Toyotaya (豊田屋)

Address / 6-15-23 Hirai, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo
Station / Hirai station (JR)
Open / 16:30 – 23:30
Closed / Sundays



  1. Mitzie Mee says:

    So much food! I would love to try soft roe and monk fish liver someday. By the way, I am planning a trip to Japan. When do you think the cherry trees will blossom this year?

    • Ryoko says:

      Thanks. Where are you going to in Japan ? If you come to Tokyo, recently cherry-tree blossoms at the end of March 😀 I think this year, too.
      But Kansai area like Kyoto and Nara, I’m afraid cherry-tree will still have many buds.I wish you will see a lovely scenery in Japan 🙂

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