Shimousa-Nakayama : Yakitori izakaya, Toriharu

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Large but inexpensive yakitori in a Showa-like izakaya.

I long for tasteful shops like that. It is Izakaya that retain the atmosphere of Showa period. The shop serve yakitori mainly as its name having the character “鳥”(chicken) 🙂


Appearance, Toriharu Shimousa-Nakayama branch (Shimousa-nakayama)


The shop is so famous because they serve yakitori as large portion !

At first, otoshi was edamame. It is a standard of otoshi 😀
And I drunk Japanese sake. But I forgot its name 😛 It was rather strong. But I remember that the shop serves much kinds of Japanese sake and I couldn’t decide my drink soon 😛

Japanese sake and edamame, Toriharu Shimousa-Nakayama branch (Shimousa-nakayama)


We already ate meals at another restaurant, so we ate lightly in the izakaya.

At first,

Tataki (たたき) 340 yen per two sticks

Tataki, Toriharu Shimousa-Nakayama branch (Shimousa-nakayama)


Almost all people remember lightly roasted fishes and meats (especially bonito tataki ?) first when they hear the word “tataki”
But the shop’s “tataki” is tsukune. It was most popular in the izakaya.

Chickens liver (もつ) 340 per two sticks.
Huge !

Liver, Toriharu Shimousa-Nakayama branch (Shimousa-nakayama)


It had much wild taste than Yonehana’s liver 🙂

Yakitori (やきとり) 340 yen per two sticks.

Yakitori, Toriharu Shimousa-Nakayama branch (Shimousa-nakayama)


This shop’s “yakitori” means negima. Negima means chicken and green onion yakitori 🙂

Everything was good, but the shop serves almost all yakitori with soy sauce and sugar taste. I also want to eat them with salt :O
Especially, I wanted to eat chickens liver with salt.

Signboard, Toriharu Shimousa-Nakayama branch (Shimousa-nakayama)


The shop serves eel, too.

About Toriharu Shimousa-Nakayama branch (鳥春 下総中山店)

Address / 3-20-10 Motonakayama, Funabashi-shi, Chiba
Station / Shimousa-Nakayama station (JR)
Open / 17:00 – 23:00
Saturdays / 17:00 – 22:00
Closed / Sundays, national holidays

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