Tokushima and Kagawa 2011 (7) Onsen bath at Hotel Mannaka (大歩危峡ホテルまんなか)

Open-air bath1, Hotel mannaka, Oboke (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011) TOKUSHIMA (Oboke etc)
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After river rafting ride, I needed onsen time !

I gave up going to Iya Onsen, but I never gave up taking a onsen bath 🙁
I found the hotel on my way to landing place. I passed through in front of the hotel.

“This hotel has onsen bath,if I remember rightly :(.”

Hotel Oboke Mannaka

Apearance, Hotel mannaka, Oboke (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)


Well, Oboke “Onsen”(大歩危温泉) !

Shop name, Hotel mannaka, Oboke (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)

やっぱり「温泉」って書いてある! でも立ち寄り湯やってるかな?とおそるおそる入ってみるとOKとのこと!ワーイ!

And I also knew that this hotel allows day trippers using bathroom at lower price through my guidebook.

I entered the hotel, and I asked a receptionist, “Can I take your onsen bath ?”
The receptionist said, “Yes, please :)”
I gave him 500 yen for admission. Then I went toward bathroom with pleasure ヽ(´▽`)ノ.

The hotel has chartered bathroom, too.

Family bath, Hotel mannaka, Oboke (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)


When I took the bath, I felt the hot water in the open-air bath wasn’t hot spring. Well, it differs from hot spring.It is Togoal bath. Togoal is man-made mineraled stone.
It is what is called a man-made onsen.
I don’t like man-made onsen 🙁 I don’t want someone use the word “onsen” for bathwater additive.
“Onsen” must be use only by natural onsen water. Don’t you think so ?

Bathroom, Hotel mannaka, Oboke (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)


Womens bath, Hotel mannaka, Oboke (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)

Indoor bath.The hot spring type is simple sulfur spring. This is colorless and transparent, but it slightly had sulfurous odour. So slightly.

Bathtub, Hotel mannaka, Oboke (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)


It is circulating bath, which recycles hot spring water once poured into the bath. It is not fresh.
It was a good onsen bath, and because it is circulating bath, or because its own properties, I felt the onsen water was soft for sulfur spring.

There are two open-air bathtubs, this is a wooden tank bathtub, and I could had a good time seeing the river.
I felt deeply about seeing the river from open-air bath, “This is the river that I passed through by the boat just now. :D”

Open-air bath1, Hotel mannaka, Oboke (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)


Tokushima and Kagawa 2011 (6) Oboke Rhine cruise
Amazing emerald green river as expected !"Mannaka" is a landing place for Oboke rhine cruise (Oboke excursion

Another bathtub. I could see the river with leaning forward.

Open-air bath2, Hotel mannaka, Oboke (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)


But I was a little disappointed that there is a road right over the window. It was a good view from bathroom, but it was noisy when trucks passed.

Nobody entered the bathroom except me, so it seemed my private bath 🙂
Well, I didn’t see anyone in the hotel except staff 😛

It is necessary to drink water before and after long bathing 😀

Water tank, Hotel mannaka, Oboke (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)

Though I couldn’t understand the value of togoal bath well, it was good for me as onsen type, onse quality and the view from open-air bath.

I got out of the hotel, and I went back to Oboke station.

Oboke give trippers from all over the world a hearty welcome 🙂

Welcome from all over the world, Oboke station, Oboke (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)


Incidentally, there were many chinese. Well, Shikoku is near from China.
There are direct flights between China and Shikoku 🙂

Bye-bye, Yokai.

Whole appearance, Oboke station, Oboke (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)


About HOTEL OBOKE MANNAKA (ホテル大歩危まんなか)

station / Oboke station (JR)
onsen / Oboke onsen (Sulfur simple hot spring)
sauna / stone sauna (extra charge)
charge / 500 yen for bathing
open / from 12:00 to 21:00
holidays / No scheduled
Reservation /,, Expedia,
websites / (in English, Chinese, Thai, Korean)



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