Tokushima and Kagawa 2011 (5) Oboke

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Autumn leaves and beautiful river in Oboke !

Eh ? Do you already forget such a story ?
Well, I went to there is last November 😛
Because I don’t remember clearly , so I try to simply upload photos.

Tokushima and Kagawa 2011 (4) Breakfast and then to Oboke
The second day of my trip to Tokushima and Kagawa Waking up early in the morning, I confirmed the departure time of limited express for Oboke on the internet. After, I had a breakfast. There we...

Then, I got to Oboke Station.

From upper position, Oboke station, Oboke (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)


Boke Mart, Oboke, Oboke (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)

Nice train, Oboke, Oboke (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)

Miniature Kazura bridge was on the platform 🙂

Kazura bashi and sudachi, Oboke station, Oboke (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)


This Oboke station itself is rare.
First of all, the stationmaster is rare. Not a human being but yokai.

Konaki jijii, Oboke station, Oboke (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)


Coin-operated locker was painted yokai, too.

Locker, Oboke station, Oboke (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)


Because there is …..
People living with yokai :O

Living with yokai, Oboke, Oboke (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)


Birthplace of Konaki Jijii !

I wonder if there are much travelers who want to come the village if they see this village’s selling point 🙂
Yes, there are many people who like yokai anime.

But I can’t stay in such a haunted village. 😛

At first, I mistook the promenade for a road to the landing-place 😛

It is connected from platform of Oboke station.
Next time I go to Shikoku, I want to climb Mt.Tsurugi. Also I want to climb Mt.Ishiduchi.
If I climb these mountains, I need more one day for trip. Climibing mountain needs much time.

Pavement around the station, Oboke station, Oboke (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)


This was middle of autumn.

Autumn leaves, Oboke station, Oboke (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)


I met the end of promenade soon. It is very short promenade.

Yoshino river. Its color was so clean. 😀

Attracting Emerald green 2, Oboke, Oboke (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)


I asked an elder woman way to the landing-place of going downstream in a boat.
Then I went toward there. It took more time than I had expected.

Emerald green.Mysterious color !

Attracting Emerald green 1, Oboke, Oboke (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)

神秘的なエメラルドグリーン(*´д`*)もうちょっと近くで見るため、船に乗りますよ(`・ω・´) シャキーン

Landing-place. There were much tourist buses.

Landing place of boat, Mannaka, Oboke (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)


To tell the truth, I intended going downstream in a boat after going to Iya Onsen.
But I missed one of the few buses for Iya Onsen because Oboke Station preoccupied me.

Well, but the landing-place is closed in the daytime. So, it seemed that I couldn’t go both in any case.

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