Tokushima and Kagawa 2011 (4) Breakfast and then to Oboke

Tokushima and Kagawa free ticket, (Tokushima and kagawa 2011) TOKUSHIMA (Oboke etc)
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The second day of my trip to Tokushima and Kagawa

Waking up early in the morning, I confirmed the departure time of limited express for Oboke on the internet.

After, I had a breakfast.

There were some kinds of ingredients which is available on an all-you-can eat basis into miso soup.
I threw many nameko mushrooms into my miso soup :P.

Breakfast 1, Tokushima Tokyu INN (Tokushima and kagawa 2011)


Yogurt with fruits, and coffee

Breakfast 2, Tokushima Tokyu INN (Tokushima and kagawa 2011)


Finishing to eat, I checked out immidiately.I went to Tokushima station.

I had to change the train at Awaikeda.
There are no train bounding for Oboke directly.

Express Kenzan 3 for Awa Ikeda,  (Tokushima and kagawa 2011)


I bought a two-days open ticket for Tokushima and Kagawa 🙂
This ticket can be purchased at any stations’ ticket office (except attended stations)
By this ticket, you can take every express and another local stations freely within Tokushima and Kagawa.

Tokushima and Kagawa free ticket, (Tokushima and kagawa 2011)


The air is bad in the limited express, too :<


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