Tokushima and Kagawa 2011 (2) Naruto strait

TOKUSHIMA (Oboke etc)
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It is the topic my going to see Naruto Strait that I had been wanting to see Naruto Strait very much.
But I didn’t feel like updating a blog because I could hardly see Naruto Strait.
Though, I want to arrange my photos, so I try to post.
(The reason that I keep my blog is to arrange my photos at all.)
Yes, I couldn’t see it :<.
In addition, I got a seasick :<.
Furthermore, I fought for breath in the strong wind. :<.
From Tokushima Airport to Naruto Park, teminal by bus.
I felt bad air in the bus, so I felt bad only 5 minutes after I had got the bus.

Tokushima and Kagawa 2011 (1) Tokushima Awaodori Airport
Tokushima for the first time for me Drag up stories of November, I went to Tokushima. I chenged my schedule, I went ...

I had been endured more than an hour.

Arriving Naruto, I found the air is clean.

I checked my baggage to shop, I went to observatory. Ochaen Observatory.

Notice to Ochaen observatory, Naruto (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)


Speaking of Naruto, it reminds me of wakame.

Speaking of Naruto, I remember wakame, Naruto (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)


Later, I bought fresh wakame at a shop that I had checked my baggege.
Come to think of it, I usually buy wakame that is written “Naruto”.
It seems to be good taste that written “Naruto” :).

Goint go  Ochaen Observatory.

To Ochaen observatory, Naruto (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)


Ochaen observatory1 , Naruto (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)

Ochaen observatory4, Naruto (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)


Ochaen observatory3 , Naruto (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)


Akashi Kaikyo from Ochaen observatory, Naruto (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)

Ochaen observatory2 , Naruto (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)


Uzu no Michi.
But without stoppingpass.
Because I intended to see a big strait on the ship 🙁

Uzu no michi, Naruto (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)


I had thought this bridge name is Akashi-Kaikyo Ohashi Bridge. It isn’t. This bridge is Onaruto bridge.

Seto-naikai national park, Naruto (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)


Senjyoujiki Observatory.

Senjyojiki Observatory, Naruto (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)


From Senjyojiki observatory, Naruto (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)


Whole view of Naruto Channel.

Whole view of Naruto Channel 2, Naruto (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)

There is a promenade. So I tried to walk. (Once I find a walk, I cannot help proceeding.)
This promenade is connected to Magosaki.

Goint down. I looked up at the bridge.

Whole view of Naruto Channel 1, Naruto (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)


At the bottom of pavement 2, Naruto (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)


I could go down to the bottom :). At the bottom of pavement 1, Naruto (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)

Just under the Onaruto bridge. It’s big!

Under Onaruto bridge 1, Naruto (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)


Under Onaruto bridge 2, Naruto (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)

The starting point of Shikoku Walk.
I heard that if you walk along the road, you can go around Shikoku by foot. Terminal is Itano town, Itano district.
It seems interesting :).

Starting point of Shikoku walkr, Naruto (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)


I got to Magozaki 😀 .

Magozaki, Naruto (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)


It’s time to go to the boarding point. I went to there by walk, seeing a port.

Port on my way to the boarding point, Naruto (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)


Here’s boarding point. But My boarding point is not here.

Also boarding point, Naruto (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)


Here is.

Boarding point for uzushio, Naruto (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)


Large ship named “Wonder Naruto”

Wonder naruto, Naruto (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)


Ticket office.

Ticket office of seeing naruto strait, Naruto (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)


My ship is it. Small ship named “Aqua Eddy”

Aqua Eddy, Naruto (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)


You can see Naruto Strait in the water in the observation room.
I felt bad before the ship running.

Because.. bad air in the ship, or  So much good air outside.

I couldn’t find any strait in the water.
Other people say “Oh”, “A”. But it was just like waves.

Uzushio4, Naruto (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)


Strait? It seems strait a bit.

Uzushio3, Naruto (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)


It seems merely wave :(.

Uzushio1, Naruto (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)



Uzushio2, Naruto (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)

うーーん。違う(´・ω・`) 鳴門の渦潮は最近ではなかなか見られないそうです。こうやって船が行き来しているのも原因でしょうね(;´Д`)

Next, I sought the strait at outside.

The reason for strait.

The reason for strait, Naruto (Kagawa & Tokushima 2011)

I heard that I can see strait one or two hour before and after of high water .
My departure time was 1 p.m. Actually, it’s late to see strait.

Again, I got a bus with bad air to Tokushima station. 🙁



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