Toei subway Summer one-day economy ticket

photo of toei subway INFO ABOUT JPN TRIP

Toei subway has started to sell Summer One-day Economy Ticket.

photo of toei subway
Toei subway’s One-day Economy ticket is sold every Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter limitedly.
With this ticket you can use toei subway as you like and many of shops and facilities offer you special price.
So, it’s very usuful for you to go sightseeing in Tokyo.

There’s no advanced ticket. You can buy it at every ticket vending machines and ticket offices.
And Toei subway don’t show this notice in English at their website.

But it is valuable tickets, so I ‘ll show you the way of buying and how to use on the Youtube.
Before that I have to learn how to use Youtube.It seems to take much time…

Another valuable ticket information is here

And also Tokyo metro offer you a valuable ticket.Yot can purchase it at anytime.


* Every Saturdays, Sundays and another national holiday of July 18 – August 30
* Every day of August 10 – August 14

Valid period

Purchase date


Adult 500 yen, Child 250 yen

Where to buy

Ticket vending machines and ticket offices at every Toei subway stations (excluding Oshiage Sta., Meguro Sta., Shirokanedai Sta., Shirokane-takanawa sta. and Toei-Shinjuku line of Shinjuku sta.)

Valid route

All Toei subway lines


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