Takamatsu 2015 : Teuchi-udon Baka Ichidai (手打ち十段 うどん バカ一代)

Check-in counter of Spring Japan, Narita airport terminal 3, Narita airport(Takamatsu 2015) KAGAWA (Takamatsu etc)
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We flied to Takamatsu with cheap tickets !

I went to Takamatsu of Kagawa prefecture to eat Sanuki udon last weekend.
By Spring Japan Tokyo/Narita – Takamatsu that is decided to be suspended by the end of this October.

Check-in counter of Spring Japan, Narita airport terminal 3, Narita airport(Takamatsu 2015)

先週末、春秋航空で高松にうどん食べに行ってきましたヽ(´ー`)ノ 10/25をもって運休が決まっている成田-高松線。発着の時間帯が悪すぎだよなぁ。

I was very surprised why does they have to suspend this flight because almost all seats were occupied.
But I was aware of the reason at Narita airport slightly.
Many of them were Chinese !
And when we got to Takamatsu airport and I was sure of it.
Every Chinese disappeared. Maybe their goal was China for going back home via Takamatsu.
There are not many people who want to use this flight for visiting Takamatsu and tour company (or Spring Japan itself ?) get unsold tickets at a low price and sell Chinese tourists at lower price.

The reason of this flight’s unpopularity is clear. The flight time was too early in the morning. It takes 40 minutes from my closest station to Narita airport, but my first train cannot catch up with the time. I had to go another station far from my home by taxi before 4 a.m. 🙁

After we got out of the arrival gate of Takamatsu airport, we bought a bus ticket to center of Takamatsu city.
It took about 40 minutes from the airport to Kawaramachi that is busy stores and restaurants area of Takamatsu.
From the bus stop, we walked to the first udon shop 🙂 My stomach was empty because I didn’t have breakfast yet. The time was around 9 a.m !

Teuchi-Jyudan Udon Baka Ichidai

Appearance, Teuchi udon baka ichidai, Hanazono(Takamatsu 2015)


To tell the truth, I had never thought that such a day has come.
I had thought that going Takamatsu only for Udon is crazy 😛

But thanks to low-cost airlines, such a trip could be done without hesitation 🙂

The shop is larger than expected.
As same as many Sanuki udon shop in Takamatsu,
At first, we took the tray and followed the line along the pick-up counter. And then we ordered our udon and put tempura and onigiri that we wanted to eat on the tray. After the cook put udon on our tray, we payed for all on our tray.

Interior, Teuchi udon baka ichidai, Hanazono(Takamatsu 2015)


I could do it well because I learned the way at Marugame Udon and Hanamaru Udon in advance 🙂

Counter table, Teuchi udon baka ichidai, Hanazono(Takamatsu 2015)


I ordered a cold kake(cold udon with cold soup) called Hiyakake and half-boiled egg tempura.
I tried to break the egg for taking the photo, but I couldn’t break well. The yolk was almost raw, but the outside was well-cooked. I cannot help ordering it whenever I find it at udon and soba shops.

Half-boiled egg tempura (半熟玉子天) 100 yen
Every tempura is 100 yen except chikuwa (90 yen)

Half-boiled egg tempura, Teuchi udon baka ichidai, Hanazono(Takamatsu 2015)

見たら注文せずにはいられない魔性の半熟玉子天(*´д`*) 黄身がとろとろ。最高です。

Small size of Hiyakake (冷かけ 小) 210 yen
The cold soup had plenty of dried young sardines. The color is weak, so it looked tasteless, but it had much flavor of dried young sardines named Iriko.
There’re many condiments on the table like green onions, grated garlic, tenkasu, shichimi pepper and so on. I put green onions and ginger 🙂
I didn’t put tenkasu on my udon because I didn’t want the clear soup got oily.  I think this was the right decision.

Hiyakake, Teuchi udon baka ichidai, Hanazono(Takamatsu 2015)


My friend ordered this. Small size of Kama butter udon (釜バターうどん小) 490 yen.
Kama butter udon is served udon with plenty of black pepper and butter, soy sauce, and raw egg separately.
Eater break the egg and put on the udon and mix altogether well.

Udon that have “Kama” in those names take more time to be served than another udon. While he was waiting, I was enjoying my udon. And he took much time to take the photo. But somehow, he finished eating faster than I 🙁 Oh my.

Kama butter udon, Teuchi udon baka ichidai, Hanazono(Takamatsu 2015)


Then we went back to in front of Kawaramachi station to take a rest.

About Teuchi-Jyudan Udon Baka Ichidai (手打十段 うどんバカ一代)

Address / 1-6-7 Tagacho, Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa
Station / Hanazono station (Kotohira Dentetsu line)
Open / from 6:00 to 18:00
Close / No scheduled
Website / http://www.udonbakaichidai.co.jp/(in Japanese only)



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