Tenugui : wisteria

Wisteria tenugui (Kenema) SHOPPING
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Bright blue flower attracts us in May.

One of my hobby is collecting tenuguis.

Especially, I love animals, landscapes and flowers.
Speaking of flowers in May, I remind wisteria. Wisteria have violet flowers
My best favorite color is violet.

My commuter pass container is violet, my walkman is violet …

There are not many kinds of flowers that have violet flower petal.
Wisteria violet flowers being swayed by the wind is really beautiful.

Wisteria tenugui

I bought this tenugui that is named “Wisteria mirror (藤鏡)” a few years ago and the tenugui decorates my living room in every May since then.
It is the image of wisteria flowers reflected in water just like the name. It is produced by Kenema (気音間).


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