Tenkushi Nishioka (天串にしおか) in Kachidoki

Female's chicken wing curry , Tenkushi Nishioka (Kachidoki) Tokyo
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Kushiage shop’s lunchtime.

I want to find any another good restaurants for my lunch and I tried a lunch meal at the shop the other day.

Tenkushi Nishioka

Apperance, Tenkushi Nishioka (Kachidoki)


The neighborhood is melon breads shop 🙂

They serve kushiage at night. At lunchtime they serve curry only. This is the lunch menu. Only two species of curries.

700 yen for lunch set is cheaper in this area.

Lunch menus, Tenkushi Nishioka (Kachidoki)


Women’s chicken wing curry soup (女の手羽先スープカレー)
Men’s beef tendon curry (漢の牛すじカレー)

I don’t know why those names have “men” and “women”. We can order both.
I wonder it is sex those who developed these curries 🙂

At first, raw cabbage was served as salads. Oh, I rememeber, it is kushiage shop !
Well, Kumamon’s wet towel is so cute 🙂

Cabbage, Tenkushi Nishioka (Kachidoki)


Bottle beers cases are used as chairs 🙂 It is nostalgic a bit. It looks like Showa period’s stalls.

Interior, Tenkushi Nishioka (Kachidoki)


In the meantime, my curry was came. It was thin like water. Well, we have to take our curry, water, pickled scallion, fukujinzuke (vegetables pickled in soy sauce) and so on by ourselves at the corner.

Female's chicken wing curry , Tenkushi Nishioka (Kachidoki)


Because the curry was too sweet for me, I tried to put much red pepper into the soup. Too much 😛 But it was good.

Put much red pepper on the curry, Tenkushi Nishioka (Kachidoki)

甘いので、唐辛子をいっぱい入れてみた(ノ∀`) ちょっと入れすぎ

It is dessert for women only. I heard that they serve  another dessert for men only 🙂

Dessert, Tenkushi Nishioka (Kachidoki)


Uh, I want to eat kushiage at the shop at an early date. I saw kushiage menu, it looks delicious !!

About Tenkushi Nishioka (天串にしおか)

Address / 3-8-8 Kachidoki, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Station / Kachidoki station (Toei subway)
Open / 12:00 – 15:00, 17:00 – 25:00
Saturdays, Sundays and another national holidays / 12:00 – 25:00
Closed / No scheduled
Website / http://tenkushi-nishioka.com/(in Japanese only)



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