Kaijin : Tazunoyu

Appearance, Tadunoyu (Kaijin) Chiba
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I took a sento bath the other day. The sento’s name is Tazunoyu and it is close to Kaijin station.
There’s popular cake shop near the sento.
It is front-style sento.Front-style is now ordinary style of entrance of bathing facilities.

Appearance, Tadunoyu (Kaijin)


There’s narrow breaking space (I felt restless!) at the end of the house and there and there’re standard drinks at sento like milk, coffee and milk,
oronamin c and so on.
I didn’t use it 😛

The bathroom is rather large. The bathtub is divided into three and the bath soak “Lavender and camomile” in it.
Certainly, the water color was like so, but I couldn’t find the smell of that at all.

The bathtub have three area, sitting bath (bubble from the side) and another two is bubble bath (bubble from the bottom)
I think they should prepare one part of area have no bubble. It have three areas !

Because of the bubble, the bathwater was very hot and there were much steams !

About Tadunoyu (多津乃湯)

Onsen / nothing
Bathtubs / one square bathtub only
Sauna / extra charge is required
Address / 6-26-17 Kaijin, Funabashi-shi, Chiba
Fee / Standard sento charge of Chiba (front-style)
Open / 14:30 – 24:00
Closed / Every months of 7th, 17th, 27th (in case of national holidays, it is
open and the next day is closed)
Locker / for Shoes, for Clothes
Dryer / extra chage is required
Another facilities / no



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