Taipei 2016 Spring : Tamsui (淡水)

Venice in Taiwan, Tamsui (Taipei 201605) TAIWAN
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Venice in Taipei.

Thanks to delicious shaved ice, I recovered from the pain of my foot.
So I decided to go to Tamsui (淡水) by MTR.

We can go to Tamsui by MTR Tamsui line directly from Taipei station.
It takes about 1 hour or so.

Busy station, Tamsui station, Tamsui (Taipei 201605)


Tamsui is said to be “Venice in Taiwan”.
Though I got to their around 4 p.m., but it was cloudy and it was like evening.

Venice in Taiwan, Tamsui (Taipei 201605)


Only one place had bad smell, but it is comfortable place.
(Maybe many people throw garbage into the sea…)

Along the shore, Tamsui (Taipei 201605)


It was weekend, so many people from inside and outside Taiwan gathered.

Many people gathered, Tamsui station, Tamsui (Taipei 201605)


But too many people gathered along the market street :p So many stalls are along the long street.

Night market, Tamsui station, Tamsui (Taipei 201605)


Anyway, I wanted to drink something cold, so, I dropped in at this shop. Plum beverage shop. They prepare plum beverage only. Of course, I ordered cold one. But they prepare hot plum beverage, too. Both is $NT30.
It seems long-established shop.

Many Plum juice shop, Tamsui station, Tamsui (Taipei 201605)


Of course, this plum beverage was sour. And it was sweet a bit.

Plum beverage, Tamsui (Taipei 201605)


By the way, I heard that we can see beautiful sunset at Tamsui, but we couldn’t see it because of such a dense cloud.
But still the sea view going to get dark is beautiful 🙂

Drink, Tamsui station, Tamsui (Taipei 201605)


I found terrible Japanese. This signboard says “We burn branch of flower. Squid burst.” Oh my. But it’s tasty deep fried squid shop.

Awful, Tamsui (Taipei 201605)


Then I found grilled squid shop ! I didn’t feel like eating something, but I suddenly felt hungry as soon as I found this shop !

Grilled squid,shop Tamsui (Taipei 201605)


Squid is my delight. And grilled squid that can be eaten at the market and festival is exceptional !
Speaking of grilled squid can be eaten at festival in Japan, it is seasoned with soy sauce and sugar. But in Taiwan, they add much spice ! It is delicious !
And mostly they cut grilled squid into pieces so that we can easily eat. It is helpful.

Grilled squid, Tamsui (Taipei 201605)


In addition, grilled squid in Taiwan is inexpensive. It is one of the reason that I like Taiwan ! 🙂

Some events were held. Though I wanted to enjoy more, but I went back to Taipei before night. I had to go to another place, too ! My trip to Taipei was only for three days !

Some events, Tamsui (Taipei 201605)


But I want to visit there again. Of course, I want to spend a whole day next time.



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