Fukushima : Tamagoyu, Takayu onsen 1/3

Exhibition room 2, Tamagoyu, Takayu onsen (Tamagoyu 2013) FUKUSHIMA (Takayu etc)
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Tamagoyu never lose severe earthquake.

took my mother to Takayu Onsen because she was suffering from heavy pain so that she couldn’t sit down on a sofa.

Speaking of Takayu, yes, my longing place, and my most favorite onsen resort. Especially, Tamagoyu is best.

Tokyo station has changed much. There are few cafes than ever.Too much foods shops ! I feel uncomfortable more and more. Well, there is a face right side. It’s my mom. Not ghost 😛

Mango juice, Le sun palm, Tokyo (Tamagoyu 2013)

新幹線乗り場前で時間まで休憩 ^ω^)・・・これおいしかったけど氷が多すぎる。

Going up to platform, very new Joetsu Shinkansen “Toki” was there.
So many people took this picture 🙂 I took, too. It’s cool !

Joetsu shinkansen Toki, Tokyo station, Tokyo (Tamagoyu 2013)


I bought a pork-cutlet sandwich and chickens gristle karaage for eating in the train.
This karaage was spicy and crisp. It went well with beer. Though I didn’t drink. My mom drunk a lot.

Cutlet sandwich and karaage, Kitchen Omiya and Toriasa, Tokyo (Tamagoyu 2013)


This was the first trip by Shinkansen in quite a while. The last time I took Shinkansen was for Tamagoyu !
This was 4 years since.

Four years had passed!
But nothing had changed in JR Fukushima station.

Appearance, JR Fukushima station, Fukushima (Tamagoyu 2013)


Though, the cafe has changed in its name and appearance.

Cafe Abboccare, JR Fukushima station, Fukushima (Tamagoyu 2013)


After a while, my ryokan bus came. And the bus took us to the ryokan.
Tamagoyu (玉子湯)
My mom and I love this ryokan. They have great onsen and some open-air bath.
Especially, this ryokan is famous for the old bath hut.

Appearance, Tamagoyu, Takayu onsen (Tamagoyu 2013)


Small exhibition room about their onsen.

Exhibition room 1, Tamagoyu, Takayu onsen (Tamagoyu 2013)


Takayu Onsen declare they use water flowing directly from the hot spring source. Of course, Tamagoyu, too.

Exhibition room 2, Tamagoyu, Takayu onsen (Tamagoyu 2013)

高湯温泉は「源泉掛け流し宣言」をしています。加水・加温一切なし。だから外湯がぬるい ^ω^)・・・

Takayu onsen was judged 10 well-known hot spring in Tohoku ever.

Exhibition room3, Tamagoyu, Takayu onsen (Tamagoyu 2013)


We couldn’t see the bath hut well from our room. Far from the bath hut…
This time, we took the cheapest plan, so we were prepared such a room that have not good sight. It couldn’t be helped. But our room was next to the big bathroom.So when we had some spare time, we could take the big bath.

Our room was far from the bath hut, Tamagoyu, Takayu onsen (Tamagoyu 2013)


This is the bath hut. I couldn’t take the picture well because of the snowstorm.

batu hut, Tamagoyu, Takayu onsen (Tamagoyu 2013)

It is a opaque hot spring. Strong sulfur spring. There are many people who visits the onsen for treatment of their wound and disease. Well, my mom, too.
Also me ? yes, I visit for healing my broken heart …. 😛

Bath of bath hut, Tamagoyu, Takayu onsen (Tamagoyu 2013)


I like taking the bath by myself in silence, at night.

There is also a open-air foot bath.
There were a lot of hot-spring incrustations in the hot water.

Foot bath, Tamagoyu, Takayu onsen (Tamagoyu 2013)


My foot in the foot bath, Tamagoyu, Takayu onsen (Tamagoyu 2013)

吹雪いてる中、入りました。ええ。この写真撮るためだけに(`・ω・´) シャキーン

About Ryokan Tamagoyu (旅館 玉子湯)

Address / 7 Niwasaka-Aza-Takayu, Fukushima-shi, Fukushima
Station / Fukushima station (JR)
Price / 10000 yen (dinner and breakfast included)
Website / http://www.tamagoyu.net/(in Japanese only)



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